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Using this! so pretty

Used for the character IC! Wasn't sure where to find images to fit the stamps so I just removed that section instead-

  THIS IS SO COOL!!, Thanks for this nice code!!.



Used for Cormorant. Thank you!

using tysm, ill update my comment if i finish the coding hehe

using this,thank you!

Using zis, thank u!

Does anyone know the size for the image in the top left?

Using this ^^ gonna modifty it a little but mainly just colors

no problem! thanks sm for using! ^^

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!! THANK U! :]!! awesome!!!! <33333

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This is really cool, but do you actually have permission from WOOMA to be using and redistributing their artwork? ^^; (Or at least, credit them?)

thank you!!

i admittingly do not. i figured linking back to the original mobius video, which properly addresses WOOMA as the artist would suffice, as well as the fact the code is not something i'm monetarily gaining from. i've done something similar with two of my other codes in which i used artwork from vocaloid MVs and in no way, shape, or form am i claiming the artwork as my own. i have a lot of respect for all of the artists in which i use as template to my codes!!

i will add a credit to the notes as i see that's appropriate. thank you for pointing that out to me!


Def using for my future characters uhhfhag its so fricking cool <33

AN INTELLECTUAL OF CULTURE I SEE.. i love hiiragis work sooo much i had to make smth based off one!!

thanks for using!!! im so glad u like it!!

AHAh THANKSS i found it thanks to youtube algoritm and now im OBSESSED WITH THEIR SONGS ASHDHASD


THANK U!!!! :D im tryin my best.. gotta clean up some codes i have laying around for publish but hopefully i can get them out soon erkkrk