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Gender None
Pronouns She / They
Age Centuries, stopped counting
Species Demon
Affiliation Demon King


Sec is quite the enigma, preferring to keep all details of her personal life private even to her closest associates. She is duty-oriented (whatever that duty may be), and quite hostile towards most people, but especially towards humans and humanoids.


Sec served the previous Demon King for centuries, and decided to swear allegiance to the new one when she was dethroned, satisfied with his attitude and abilities.

When the Great Corruption happened, she was sent, along with many others, down to Earth to scope out the damage and find out what happened. There, she and her group came upon a freshly-made crater full of corrupted magic, the likely source of the global corruption of the planet. They also found a bunch of rampaging magical creatures, and did their best to wrangle them before they could do any more damage, with or without violence depending on their cooperation.

Among those creatures was an artificial demon who fed off the agitation of others, making him even more dangerous, who she personally knocked out none-too-gently using magic, forcing him into a deep sleep.

She was assigned to keep an eye on him until he woke up centuries later, after which she instructed the newly-amnesiac demon to go to Quallan, where he would pass as a Drake for his own safety.

Now, she wanders the plains and does everything in her power to keep mortals away from the crater, sometimes using excessive violence to do so.

Design Notes

Base colors

Outfit colors

  • Black sclera and slit pupils.


  • Like all demons, Sec is intersex.
  • Her scythe is made of her own shadow, which disappears when she wields it.

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