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Here I simply wish to attempt to make some sort of sense of how S and Junichi are the way they are now/their dynamic, and how s's shapeshifting works: probs wont stop til I'm happy with so pardon the mess below- in meantime many aus/ideas! will add and delete over time whoop


Gender: None. But accepts He/They.
Sexuality: Try.

My shapeshifter fella who has very much has changed over the years. At one point there were numerous of him, then making a singular into a demon, different ways his shapeshifting functions, etc.  In a story ive been coming up with him as a side character, he is attempting to understand modern humanity and technology in order to keep out of sight, yet rarely shifting out of the reptilian shape as he is most comfortable with. Not wishing to deal with humans, but finding self unable to stay lone but having to face them at times due to modernization spreading. His stubbornness to maintain a large shape of a creature that is non existent  to humans proves difficult to hide as he couldnt see how technology keeps improving year after year alone (in the woods), and eventually incorporates a particular person to be his 'eye's. 

./Red eyes means low energy or an intense feeling of something (normally hunger, then anger, joy, etc), where yellow/orange is what they are normally

ive tried to come up with many ideas for a story including him and the latest one that i will likely change at some point is the following:


The being nicknamed 'S' is a self aware shapeshifter who doesnt like shapeshifting outside of being a big (grey) lizard. He doesnt have a name for himself since he does not often socialize with human kind, simply existing. S is a placeholder nickname so people know who I'm talking about, Junichi on the other hand calls him different things according to the area they are in, using more common names per said area.
S is about 15 feet long, about 800 pounds give or take on the average day. He is technically ancient but does not have all the memories his/this form has been through, lost over time and not having the need to remember, only what he deems as important.

Personality wise he is very curt/straightforward, doesnt care what others think of him/what he does. Like said he is lazy, as well as stubborn, often not having any goal in mind other than to keep living. He is not much of a talker,  but if he is with the right company, he would chat some. He may not appear happy as he has does not experience emotions the way humans do and does not wish to mimic them, but he is content with himself and what he does.  

He considers humans to be just another animal, even if intelligent/'more' self aware. He finds humans to more often to be cruel than kind, to judge and act on anger/fear  (more negative than positive), and has watched them come to the way they are now. Obviously, he much preferred it back when technology didnt exist, as in this time its so much easier to find him to be real. Back in the day even if he was spotted, people would have no proof. Now there are cameras. And people just love new discoveries to study.
He thusly avoids large cities/towns, and more usually found around in the countryside/in forests where there are places to hide.

S is able to manipulate their very cells, to grow, split, change density, and color. Technically he doesnt have a gender, but if he is asked, he would go by they/he.  He can shapeshift whatever parts he wants anywhere on his body if he so desired (would need to take the time and energy to do so),  however his default which is seen below is the quickest he can form into due to having been in it so much, even if proportioned smaller.

His body is dark, mostly gray with a black stripe on the very top. This is for absorbing energy from the sun primarily through the stripe naturally, which he learned how to absorb the suns energy and convert it into chemical energy at a younger age when he ate plants (body being more of a greenish color at the time copying how plants absorbed the suns energy), but after time studying them to understand how they worked. He found more efficient ways using that knowledge, however at some point he found he preferred meat as not needing to find mass as often, but sometimes a mixture depending on the area.

If too stressed or angered he may lose the strict control of his form, causing it to drip slowly out of place as he goes along, or in extreme cases be completely unable to move since the 'muscles/bones' arent formed correctly.
He can control his form by the molecular level which takes a lot of energy to maintain, so he still needs to eat/gather energy often: He can eat many kinds of materials, even metals, but he tends not to eat things that do not build up his mass/energy unless he is absolutely forced to, like say if in danger of being discovered or even self hunted. He can also lay out in the sun to receive the suns energy however it is not nearly as much as he would need. Usually he naps during the day and is active at night so it is less likely for him to be seen by humans, especially in the modern age.

He has had many years experimenting/adjusting his body while 'studying' animals including humans, taking numerous apart to find their strengths and weaknesses in muscles, bones, skin, eyes, ears, noses, - all attempting to better his own body and senses. Hes also taken apart different non biological materials within himself  like metals, sand, slime, acid, poisons, even diseases/viruses, and more (including computers/radios/technology once Junichi gives him the idea in the modern era).
He's put in the effort to be able to mimic anything that he wishes to while keeping as much of his cells unhurt at the molecular level if attacked, as well as minimize energy spent in the process of living, striving for efficiency. He loses both energy and matter (cells eventually dying after periods of use, the original lifespan from what the cell came from much shortened in the conversion), thus always in need to adapt to be able to find matter with cells that last longer.

For beings/materials he hasnt 'studied' numerous cases, he thus couldnt know of the average parts that species would have, but adjusting in between what the animal was and comparing with others hes used, he attempts to see if the new knowledge could be twisted into his own parts for something he defines as better for how he lives. He can copy as an exact replica down to the voice, and even understand basic memories and personality if studying the brain while it lives for even a few minutes- this more complex extent of understanding the brain would be due to a certain live human named Junichi, before them only able to copy the body. However, despite having the ability, it is rarely if ever used as he is too stubborn to change from his preferred form.

He in present day is able to adjust his hearing up to 300kHZ and make high noises similar to bats for echolocation (this is however not his average hearing, just has the ability to), flicking his tongue out to detect air-born particles like snakes. If he wishes to frighten whatever he is after, he would  make noises similar to a 'dangerous' animal located in the area. If however he wished to lure one closer, he could make noises like a hurt animal or person in need of help, but much prefers to frighten.

Normally he has a yellow slit for a 'pupil', which slowly turns more red the less control he has over his own body, more specifically the lower energy he has. He has less control on his temperament in that state so if you notice his eyes are red, so it is better to avoid him when it is. Red has a lower energy use than yellow which is brighter, but prefers to keep yellow as a default for those who do interact with him can see.
For the pupil, one small area is used to allow his being to see rather than a larger amount of pupil. When younger the pupil area used to cover more of the eye as his other senses were not as sharp, but over time and studying/experimenting/adjusting with other animals parts, he has figured out how to switch and even mix between types of parts, like an example for the eyes to be sharp eagle eye to see far combined with the dark vision of an owl.

Due to being able to control his cells to the molecular level, he thus has the ability to rejoin or regenerate lost parts- even if cut in half, he would be able to put himself back together as if nothing happened, or to regenerate both sides if having the matter available, all painless due to not having nerves like most creatures: however, this is as long as he has the matter and energy.  Otherwise he would have to shift himself into a smaller version of what he wishes to look like once combined, or separate. The shifting process (if calm) doesnt take very long but could look rather concerning to an onlooker as flesh and limbs twist out, as he would choose a form more suited for the situation at hand rather than being in pieces. However if being emotional, it would take longer and with more pieces dripping off or not forming correctly, appearing even more monstrous.

He can technically duplicate himself by saying there, and be able to kind of control both even if cut in half/split off as long as he knows where the parts are- however the further away, the more energy/effort to keep contact and maintain control of both as one (if near enough, makes high noises or wavelengths through particles in air that humans cannot hear but that both separate parts can understand, like an radio signal- how he gained this knowledge is explained further below).

All separate parts of his matter would be "him", but if becoming completely separated (especially before meeting Junichi, explanation below), they would both be individual he is, but not under the same control- they would gain their own experiences according to what they do, though personality rarely changing. He does not stay separated long if he can help it, and often has an idea of where to return to if ever split, so not to have to hunt back the matter already converted lost.

On the other hand, he can also 'destroy' parts of himself by the molecular level, often using up all of the energy to split self into individual molecules in the air which loses the ability to think from not being connected, becoming one with the earth and sky, lost.
He could also disguise the part/self through  mimicking a part of the scenery around him, of which one would have to pay microscopic attention to be able to tell it was not the same molecular/atomic form. This is all unless in a chamber of a material he does not yet know, of which he would as quickly as he could try to break it down in order to do a quick study of its composition in order to mimic it. Once disguised and no energy is left in the cells, the matter eventually would not have any thoughts left. These parts in a way experience 'starvation' til eventually becoming part of the earth/space around them.  

These parts though if left in a gathered state can unconsciously gather energy as it is in their nature to do, and so if one understood that the disguised parts are of his being, they could potentially find a way to have the cells absorb energy in order to reboot the part. This however is not recommended as memories are all gone, and tends to turn into something more 'acidic' acting to essentially eat/absorb whatever is around it to absorb more matter using the energy given (not having a mouth), but not having a conscious mind to do anything more. Harder materials would take longer to eat through than softer materials (dont stick a finger in). Without connecting to the original mind with its memories, it appears it would never be more than just matter attempting to swallow anything it touches. One may assume this is what originally the cells that became s were, adapting over time to eventually be able to control self and gain a conscience given matter, time, and energy, but this trial has not been confirmed. Perhaps thats for the best. 


That all being said, he does store a small amount of his mass through a certain human named Junichi, who is essentially became a guinea pig in terms of S's experimentation with it still being alive- both to better understand the human brain in itself, and humanity as a whole in terms of how its changing so quickly, all in order to adapt to the world of technology. Plus, he wouldn't have to shift into and act a human himself, but to gain the experiences when connected, which is the important part in his book. This may explain why S had not done this sooner (ignoring failed attempts), but does not explain why any person would be okay with this. To undergo the pain of his experiments (eventually learning how to dim said pain through blocking the receptors in brain), to understand that this creature would readily kill them and any person they cared about (or really any person at all), to never to be able to have a normal human life again, as to attempt to escape would end up in a rather painful death from the inside out. But for some reason, this particular human seemed ever so interested in him. One could ever wonder why.

Originally the pain from the first trials were excruciating, the very first having been replacing Junichi's right eye in order to have a decent enough mass from the start that could still be conscious- where replacing wouldn't be the right term as by technicality it was his eye still, but consumed right in its place, and connecting straight into the brain as an eye normally would. With two slight problems. One, it was not able to both act as an eye and to have its own conscience, only if breaking the connection to be able to 'think' as S in order to learn, meaning it would blind that eye, and causing pain in process (to Junichi). Second, the eye kept the stubbornness of defaulting to the eye S normally used, black with a yellow slit. Thus Junichi has to cover that eye in public as to not draw (more) attention to the abnormality, using a thin blindfold as a makeshift patch- others unable to see in, and self unable to out short of some light through the strands. The mass in Junichi's eye in time however came to adapt, shifting so the best it could do to focusing in  between the strands and ignore the strands themselves, first attempts getting an incomplete, sepia colored, hazy picture. But after months of adjusting and perceiving using the other eye's vision, they were able to get a clear picture in the brain from both eyes through the blindfold even if both were covered. 

But that wasn't the only clear picture that was gained, as through time and absorbing part of the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain into his own cells acting as the same fluid, as well as other parts within Junichi's body - S was soon studying a live brain as it continues to use its senses and think on its own while connected directly into the feed, soon understanding what each signal sent does what - eventually being able to speak to him directly by tricking the brain into believing there was a voice speaking- his voice. The downside that he couldn't likely fix the need to 'plug in' frequently as to 'download' what has been learned and 'upload' the main S's new thoughts, which he was ok with as it was what he was used to.
Which got Junichi an idea, with radios and wifi running about, computer chips essentially made from rocks. Perhaps rather than fight against technology to avoid it, to instead use it, to find a way to send signal waves between each other over longer distances.
And with some convincing, the two of them studied how radio waves and computer chips worked (using stolen computers, radios, antennas, and the power of google), to learn what the pieces were made from and how they connect, with at first Junichi teaching S the basics of how to use them, but soon finding self just watching as complex terminology and concepts that makes technology function fly over his head- especially when the terminology in the human language is a different term in S's mind.

Just once in that time to make Junichi feel at ease about how quickly he could learn, S made it clear that the human brain was many times more complicated than the gadgets they were copying, where even with all this technology humans still couldn't understand the basics of the human brain, and adding to not so feel bad about not understanding as quickly. An ever learning shapeshifter that has spent all their life focusing to understand how both biological and non biological parts work and interact would of course more easily grasp the concepts of transmitting radio waves. In reply, Junichi actually laughed, with a comment intended to rub against S's stubbornness and laziness that would end up giving him a smack from a tail: "Course its easy to copy as it exists now, but us humans are the ones who figured it out how it all works, not you. Hey, even I had the idea for us to be even closer than ever, just look at us! "

Only a few months from learning and searching for specific technologies were needed to be able to shift parts of his matter into copies that could send short distance signals, and eventually developing use his own longer distance signal and code to be able to have much more frequent updates on Junichi, even (once understanding how streaming works) gaining the ability to have a "live feed" of his visual and audio input, more often just sending audio (what Junichi sees and hears which includes his own voice thus them able to communicate essentially when either of them wishes to). Even with this feat, the signals became not of crystal clear quality in order to not have the signal take up too much room, which would use more energy.
No, the eye doesnt flash to red upon 'low energy'- just slowly dimming down into orange then red, of which to be able to communicate to each other, both S's main form and the mass within Junichi have to keep up their energy. Junichi needs to keep an 'eye' on this due to potential malfunctioning in any of his replaced parts, especially if unable to contact S for more than a week, as human bodies can be rather particular.

AU???: Technically, this feed can be 'hacked', but it would be extremely impressive as it is not of human origin, and even then would be difficult to understand being in S's own idea of language that is not human in nature- perhaps it would stand out due to this fact, when in range to be caught that is. 


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