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Basic Info




Unsure, existed pre-Corruption


Male, trans






Along with Shiram, Felciu is one of the only two individuals of his species and existed before the Great Corruption even happened.

Felciu appeared one day as a baby, in front of an old witch's doorstep, deep into what is now known as the "Forest of Blessings". The witch raised him as both her son and assistant, and he was taught many things about herbalism and magic spells. One day, however, part of the forest was burned down as part of a witch hunt, and Felciu was told to run away far from her.

By the time the fire was stopped, and a barrier erected, Felciu had already been caught and taken away to a certain lab. There, he met another of his species, who was born the same day as him, in a completely different part of the same forest : Shiram. Even if the witch ever survived the hunt, Felciu has no doubt in him that she has long since passed, centuries having already gone by.

In the lab, Felciu spent most of his time with Shiram, who he regularly stood up for against pushy scientists and aggressive fellow subjects, before they were eventually separated. Shiram was moved to another part of the facility to be studied for his clairvoyant abilities, while Felciu was put in a quarantine zone that was called “The Last Level of Hell” by its inhabitants for his rebellious, “dangerous” attitude.

Years passed and Felciu grew bitter in his hole, directing his anger towards the only person he could : Shiram. He vowed to take revenge on him for his situation, jealous of the fact Shiram got to stay while Felciu had to rot in “Hell”. That bitterness, along with the rapidly plummeting morale of the quarantined population, grew and grew until it finally overflowed, resulting in the seal being destroyed and their unrestrained magic corrupting the world's balance.

Technically, his antlers should be the same size as Shiram's, but because he broke them multiple times while trying to escape “Hell” in vain, they are now uneven and small.