Flann Fennella

flann feh-NELL-uh
DFAB Female
March 1st

A sweet and cheerful girl... who serves under All-Conquering Overlord Hadris Torant. She's as kind and friendly as her appearance indicates, but she's not to be underestimated. When angered or in need of more power, Flann can transform into a monstrous form, enhancing her already surprising offensive and defensive capabilities. Even without her other form she's a force to be reckoned with, able to manipulate her hair like a weapon.

She's not exactly proud of her monster form, though. It's tied to a past full of death, despair, and emotional abuse, the aftereffects of which remain with her even decades later. She tries to hide it, but she's emotionally fragile. Things are better now than they were, at least, and she's pretty happy with her job working under an evil overlord. It makes sense in context!


Flann is friendly and cheerful, eager to make friends and help them out with whatever they need. She's kind, generous, and extremely loyal to those she considers friends. Despite her friendliness, she's wary of strangers and it takes a long time for her to really come to trust someone. If her allies trust someone, it becomes much easier for her to trust that person as well.

Though she tries her hardest to keep calm, it's easier to sadden or anger Flann than one would assume. Afraid of snapping and transforming into her Feralian form, Flann tends to suppress her emotions. This does more harm than good, unfortunately, since allowing negativity to build up within her makes it easier for any little thing to trigger a transformation.

Flann doesn't have much self-worth and, though she's made significant progress over the years, gets down easily and blames herself for everything. She's very attached to her friends and dedicated to making them happy, so she beats herself about them not being in a bad moods even when the causes are completely out of her control. She hates hurting people when the consequences are permanent, hence why she tends to be partnered with more morally-relaxed Representatives on serious missions. She often feels like she isn't good enough to be a Representative for this reason, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

Because Flann feels so much shame toward her negative emotions, she deeply values anyone who treats her with earnest sympathy and understanding without being condescending. It's difficult for her to vent and if she finds someone who will "tolerate her" she'll struggle to hide her feelings around them ever again. This makes her wary of getting too close to people, since she worries their patience will be limited and she'll just drag them down with her.

Flann is naive in matters of romance and has a hard time understanding where the boundaries between love and friendship are. She's very affectionate with close friends and thinks little of holding hands with them, (literally) sleeping with them, publicly hugging them, etc. She'll get flustered when complimented since she's not used to praise, but she always just assumes that's people being nice rather than flirting with her. She can be pretty oblivious when someone's expressing romantic or sexual interest in her. In fact, she's probably never even heard the word "sex" in her entire life, honestly.


Edibles Pastries, ice cream, and fair food. The more frosting or whipped cream on it, the better!
Weather Cool days with rain. The heavier the rain, the better. It's calming to her.
Activities Taking bubble baths, shopping, being read to, hanging out with friends, going to festivals, cutesifying things, being in physical contact with those she trusts, hugging things when they come out of the dryer, singing (though she's secretive about it).
Colors Light blues and white.
Misc. Cute dresses, cute pics of baby animals, lolcats, bows, giant robots, umbrellas, big poofy coats, unnecessarily large beds, things that are abnormally small, long rides. She loves rabbits, especially small and fluffy ones. She used to be afraid of sharks, but over time she came to recognize that they're not so different from her. She likes polar bears a lot, too.


EdiblesShe really dislikes anything with a smoky flavor, like anything grilled. She's also not very fond of apple juice, though she's perfectly fine with apples for some reason.
Weather Hot, humid days where the sun beats down on you relentlessly.
Activities Having her hair touched without permission and being touched in general, getting things on her clothes, seeing people hurt, being yelled at, blackmail.
Self Flann thinks lowly of herself and fears the things that she's capable of. She hates that she's afraid to get close to others out of fear of hurting them; she hates both that she has reason to be afraid and that she's still weak enough to believe that.
Misc. Dark places, her other form, deities, thieves and hit-and-run criminals, manipulative people, sharp objects, the sound of bells, liars.




Flann's most notable feature is her long, bright red hair that reaches down to her ankles. It's actually an extension of her flesh, technically more like a set of very thin tentacles than strands of hair. She can extend them at will up to twice their length and control them like limbs, though most of the time they just wiggle around in response to her emotions. Her skin tone is almost inhumanly light and her eyes are completely blue with white pupils - something unnatural on her planet. Despite her immortality, she only looks to be in her late teens and is a little on the short side, standing at around 5'3".

In full Feralian form Flann doubles in size, her skin turning completely white and her limbs becoming hideously elongated with claws on the ends. Her hair automatically extends to its full length and, in this form, can be extended even further. Several more eyes open up on her body: two more pairs on her face and several pairs that stretch from her neck down onto her shoulders. Areas of her flesh, particularly along her limbs, distort and extend far past where they should be, not unlike horns. Her ears elongate and extend behind her head. Her clothing is specially designed to grow along with her, leading to her looking ridiculous rather than monstrous and threatening. Of course, sometimes that's ideal.

As she kills, her hair grows redder and the markings that flow across her body as a Feralian grow bloodier.


Flann loves wearing sundresses, especially white ones; there's pretty much nothing else in her closet. Usually seen in white enamel flats and plastic white whitebands with sometimes a bow or a sunhat here or there. Her fashion sense is usually pretty flowy, straying toward casual lolita in more formal settings.


Flann's body language is very unsubtle; her expressions are always very clear and even someone who's done no research on body language can tell how she's feeling at a glance. She tends to unconsciously express her feelings with her hair as well: when she's sad it tends to droop and weigh heavily on her, when she's happy it seems more bouncy and flows more freely, when she's afraid it freezes up and becomes completely stiff, and when she's angry it waves wildly.


Very subtle and a lot like a traditional bubble soap. Blood on worse days.


Flann's voice is somewhat high, though more toward medium. Though she's fairly upbeat, she has a softness in her voice that lends it a hint of reservation even when she's in a perfectly good mood. I'd say Brianna Knickerbocker is a close match! She also tends to stutter, especially when nervous or around strangers, and it's not unusual for her to trail off into silence in the middle of speaking.


Flann was born in a rainy country named Merluvius to a relatively normal family. She looked a little strange, quite a bit like she didn't belong, but that just made her popular at school. Things were fine up until the incident - seven years old on a day with heavier rain than usual.

Struggling to remember what she was better off forgetting, she was brought to a branch of the Church of Feralis for exorcising. Ever merciful, the holy men spared her when faced with failure. They would provide her with shelter in exchange for her services and for the sake of analysis. She certainly wasn't quite human, and this came with a number of benefits and risks. It was fine, though. They had ways to suppress her anger.

Days pooling beneath her, she learned to fear herself and others. One of them, Leol, whispered to her that it was fine to be angry and that they weren't worth pleasing. This was a bad place to be, full of corruption and vice. Only he and few others cared for the goddess Flann so desperately clung to for comfort, the others using her name for personal gain and financial success.

Injustices piled up over the years, and one day Flann lost control again. The effects were devastating, and she brought to face divine retribution. The goddess Feralis heard their pleas and came forth to respond to them. The survivors were few: only the strongest of believers and purest of heart.

"Destroy the non-believers, the sinners, the blasphemers," Feralis whispered in her ear warmly, "and you will have my eternal love."

Knowing the world wasn't safe for her, Leol took Flann and the two traveled from town to town, seeking peace. Flann answered to Feralis' divine will over and over, much to Leol's concern. Her hair grew longer, redder, and her mind began to close on itself. She began to fear herself over others, heart pounding every time she regained consciousness covered in the blood of strangers she never had the time to judge.

Concerned for her, Leol forced her and himself to move more often. Flann became a recluse, spending days at a time curled up in silence, fearing the day she would be the death of the only person who cared for her and then some. She felt the hands of Feralis on her back, at her throat, over her eyes, but she tried to tell herself it wasn't worth it. Divinity be damned, this wasn't the way she wanted to live. It wasn't right.

"My love isn't enough, is it?" Feralis sighed, disappointed. "What about his?"

Living between boundaries, Flann grew madder. She sought an out, a light that would grant she and Leol sanctuary. She thought she found it once - a holy charm that kept her from changing, a life on the run and curiously devoid of Feralis - but a ragtag band of heroes intercepted her. Those who opposed Feralis were to be slain as the demonic overlord who threatened them all grew in power.

Naturally, Flann and Leol hadn't had the luxury to pay attention to the media. Indeed, an overlord by the name of Hadris Torant sought to conquer the planet, and in response Feralis had blessed hopeful heroes. In the process, she had marked Flann and Leol as monsters and obstacles.

"It's alright," Leol said quietly, smiling through the pain, "it wasn't your fault."

Flann was left alone, blank and aimless.

"This is, of course, why you were created," Feralis assured her. Her "curse", her surroundings, her appearance - it was planned from the start. They were supposed to be closer, maybe even friends, but Flann was specially designed to cleanse the world of all who defied Feralis' will. It was a roundabout way of doing so, but that was what Feralis was known for. She was strange, an enigma, a trickster; devious and loving all at once, too hazardous to love and too threatening not to. Her designs were intricate and painful, seldom efficient but always spectacular.

"Would you rather I take your will, since you're being so stubborn?"

Driven to betray by the same forces that drove her to obey, Flann waged war against her creator. It was an fool's gamble, sure, but Flann had nothing left for herself. Her world was corrupt, her divine light utterly despairing, her only anchor buried with no headstone. If she were to disappear, that was fine. Her only wish was to take Feralis down with her.

No longer obeying limits, Flann transcended her form and destroyed all that tied her down. Feralis fell at last, and Flann prepared to follow.

That was when the overlord appeared before her, offering her a life of freedom and peace if she was willing to accept it. From that day forth Flann worked under Hadris, becoming one of his Representatives and specializing in testing heroes on worlds in need of revolution.

RP History

Flann's been involved in a lot of stuff that kept gettin' retconned, though things like her relationship with  Esme have been maintained and explained by other means. Her earliest consistent involvement in RP revolves around a meeting between Hadris Torant and [wip] Ignis Phasmatis: a man seeming to be making an attempt at forging an alliance with the multiverse's various villains. She and Septicemia were sent to the Capital Defense HQ alongside some of Ignis' troops and a few strangers to dispose of some of Ignis' foes. Things weren't quite the RPG-esque romp Hadris anticipated, though, and the mission quickly became more vicious than planned. It ended explosively, and by that I mean the place straight-up blew up. Fortunately, Flann and Septicemia both survived, as well as the majority of their allies.

Though Flann has a distaste for death, things had gone in their favor and Flann was just a bit frazzled. That was when Hadris and one of his closest friends, Laejizhar Adarez, arrived on the scene and relayed that the other two fronts of their mission went poorly and Ignis was bad news. Badder than the cool villain alliance kind of bad. Flann was hit by the realization that she had caused death and injury to relatively innocent people for no good reason, which shook her and left her unresponsive during the subsequent recovery efforts despite the best efforts of fellow ally  Luca.

After returning to Hadris' realm, Hadris sent Flann on a scouting mission to a castle town in a place called Viesse, intending for her to get some peace and quiet so that she could recover. It didn't take long for Flann to run into some company, namely a girl claiming to be a noble...



Even in her human form, Flann has plenty of power to take advantage of. She's much stronger and more durable than her human body would imply, usually having physical attack and defense stats maxed out where applicable at the cost of everything else. She's not very quick and is somewhat clumsy, and even weak spells can do a number on her.

As mentioned in her Attributes section, Flann has prehensile hair that can extend out to twice its normal length. She can change the texture of it as well, allowing her to use it for both grabbing things and slashing foes. Her hair is stronger and more durable than her arms, so she can lift heavier things with it and it takes much more to damage it. However, she has feeling in her hair like it's any other limb, so anything strong enough to cut or otherwise damage her hair while it's being weaponized will take a toll on her. Consider brushing it gently instead, she likes that!

Also as mentioned in the Attributes tab, Flann will automatically transform into her monstrous Feralian form when sufficiently angered. She's been training over the years to control it better, and while her higher thought is still significantly dulled and her impulses are difficult to ignore she can enter Feralian form at will and distinguish between friend and foe. In Feralian form her stats are made even more extreme and she has even greater reach than before. Additionally, all of the extra eyes she grows give her a greater scope of vision and allow her to see in the dark.

Flann's Feralian form can be dispelled by anti-magic spells, by allowing her to eliminate whatever angered her if she entered Feralian form through that method, causing her to lose consciousness, sufficient injury, by will if her mind is clear enough, or submerging her in water. Water seems to dampen her abilities in general, making it more difficult for her to transform and maintain her Feralian form.


For more information on what these stats mean, click here!


ElementBeast / Physical
SpeciesHumanoid (Human Form) / Demonic, Giant (Feralian Form)
Charisma SkillTerror: Causes foes to flee from the user. Foes' SPD is increased.
Positioning SkillReach: Moves ally within 5 spaces next to the user.
Passive AbilityGodslayer: Deals 200% more damage to Divine units when under 50% HP.
Personal WeaknessTakes 25% more damage from Divine units.
Friendship Bonus+5% ATK






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"Septicemia is my best friend! She's always been there for me, even when I'm at my worst. I feel like she really understands me... I really hope I can repay her for everything she's done for me. Some people are intimidated or put off by her, but I hope more people will come to understand how wonderful she is! She deserves the world!"

274009?1488503241Lausac Pardes

"Lausac is... um... he's Lausac. He's really loud and obnoxious, and I think he actively enjoys annoying people. He's not the worst ever, and I think he has a soft side to him, but why not show that more often? I guess I'll just have to get used to him, though, since Esme sees something in him..."


"I met Esme on a scouting mission once! She's really sweet and fun and one of my best friends! Just being around her makes me feel really happy... I hope she doesn't end up in trouble for hanging out with me, though..."

244543?1492216466Hadris Torant

"A lot of people wouldn't assume this, but Drew is a really great guy! He's an awesome boss, and he tries so hard to help people. I've always felt like a burden to him, but he's always tried his hardest to make sure I don't feel like that. He saved me from a really dark place... I owe him so much, even though he insists I don't. Working for him is an honor!"

244352?1489362266Aedi Levon

"Aedi is another one of my close friends! She's super fun to be around, and it's hard to feel sad around her! She just has a way of bringing life into the room, you know? I don't know if I've ever seen her frown before!"


"Orange is a really great guy! He tries his hardest no matter what, and he's always looking out for people and helping out even when he wasn't asked to! I'm glad Hadris hired him as his assistant so I can see him a lot! I hope he doesn't overwork himself, though... it has to be stressful enough just managing Lausac! He reminds me a lot of... well... nevermind."


Date CreatedNo later than November of 2012, since she was made for the NaNoWriMo of that year.
Soul Color Red
Element Piqua
Chiro's Nickname Bell Pepper
Virtue Class Diligence (probably)
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Present In

  • SYOL - Major
  • Destroy Your Local Overlord - Boss
  • Heaven College

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • Flann's name came from the fact that I really wanted a character with a name that sounded like Flonne because gosh dang it Flonne is such a cute name why didn't I think of it first!!! I had some other random character named Flanne I never did anything with, so when I was coming up with SYOL characters I just threw it on Flann. The fact that the name "Flann" means "red" is just a happy coincidence for the most part!
  • In her original concept, Flann had much more of a hair-trigger temper and was a bit more casual about her situation. She was also worst enemies with Lausac because he pretty much made a career off of stealing her panties. The early 2010s were a trip I tell ya folks
  • Flann was one of the first Representatives, alongside Lausac. Originally she and Lausac were just normal residents of Hadris' realm and were just going to be recurring people in Orange's life. When I retooled SYOL for 2012's NaNoWriMo, I created the Representatives and decided to make Flann into one!
  • Flann watches entirely too much mecha stuff. She may or may not have a sleek, adorable mech named PANTBO...