Jay (Sona)



2 years, 5 months ago



  • Jay is a goat! idk what kind bro
  • Jay is nonbinary and uses he/they pronouns
  • Jay can do magic, but only through the use of magic items and glyphs. Jay's only actual inherent powers are to control paper (and similar stuff like cards) and pens (and similar things like pencils/brushes/etc.) and also plants if you feel like it but that's optional
  • earrings!! little tags. the LEFT ear has a 9 and the RIGHT ear has a 19! please include these :D
  • around 6'1" im tall . beanpole
  • jay's overall design is honestly pretty fluid so like. go nuts otherwise these are just pointers
  • short-ish horns
  • short-ish hair! my hair is longer irl though so if u can draw long hair on furries i both applaud you and encourage you to get funky w it
  • scruffy!! has a bit of longer hair on their chin, and darker fur around the sides of their jaw
  • fingers and face are a lighter fur color than the rest of the body!
  • jay's neck is a bit fluffy
  • Doesn't rlly have one! Rather than having a standard place to live he usually just like. rooms with my friends' characters its fun . he'll do magic experiments in your laundry room and it can and will cause problems. eats all your food.
  • bastard. shithead. i hate him but he is funny about it
  • sleeps a LOT and at weird times. takes a lot of naps