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Coyote  Male

A charismatic and flamboyant hitman living out in the desert near Palm Springs, California, and main character of my headworld.

Saint Motel - Cold Cold Man

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NAME: Joseph "Tex" Saldanha


 AGE: Early-mid 40s

 SPECIES: California valley coyote (Canis latrans ochropus)

 BIRTHDAY: November 18 


 HOMETOWN: Palm Springs, California

 OCCUPATION: Hitman, occasionally a bodyguard


 FAVORITE FOOD: Fast Food (his favorite is a double cheeseburger with grilled onions), Mexican Food, Texan BBQ, and Cheap Beer

 LIKES: desert scenery and nature, neon signs, motel pools, casinos, wildflowers, palm trees, old cars, cool knives, night drives, road trips, floral prints, cigarettes

 SMELLS LIKE: sandalwood and musk

 ABOUT: Tex is a hitman from Palm Springs, California. Because of his job, people rumor about him as this dangerous, highly feared and skilled hitman, under his nickname "Tex". However, once you actually get to meet him, he's a flamboyant, loveable, friendly guy, a bit dumb (think: Himbo), a fan of dad jokes, and nothing at all like the rumors. He just happens to be good at his job, and strictly only accepts jobs where he kills corrupt people. 

  PERSONALITY: While on a surface level he can appear sort of mysterious or intimidating, he's known by close friends to be a very kind and protective person. He will go out of his way to help others, and even (physically) fight to protect those he loves. Tex is autistic, which sort of explains his personality and his behaviors (and his life long special interests in cowboys and desert plants). Because of his autistic traits, he can come off as naive and childish, struggling with sarcasm and takes things literally. He can also struggle to read other people's emotions, facial expressions, and motives, as well as  struggles with romantic and close relationships. (Just an important note on this - I am on the autism spectrum.) This doesn't stop him from being charismatic and friendly though. Besides just being physically strong and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, he can charm his way out of most bad situations, which he prefers to do instead of resort to violence, if he's not paid to kill and all. What he lacks in "intellectual" smarts (unimportant to him), he makes up for street smarts. His kind and often gullible nature, and attempts at trying to find the best in people gets him into trouble, since he's usually trying to make friends with the hitmen around him.

  APPEARANCE: His hair is often unkempt and in need of a haircut (though always smells good, either a herbal shampoo or like coconut), along with having dark sideburns, and he always has some form of facial hair, most dense around his mustache area. When he was younger, he was clean shaven and had shorter hair. He's pretty muscular and bulky as he works out often, but has a bit of a gut which he's proud of. When he has a wide smiles, his canine teeth will stick out and signs of aging and wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, both which he is most self conscious over. While he has typical coyote traits of tall, triangular ear, pointy snout, and scruffy tails, he has rich, dark fur colors due to having a coydog grandfather, on his mom's side, passing down unique fur coloration. His eyes can be depicted as being yellow (especially in stylized or cartoony art) or more hazel-like, especially if human.

 CLOTHING: He mostly wears fun colored & patterned buttoned shirts along with dress pants and nice dress shoes, and is known to experiment and sometimes wear more feminine or gender neutral outfits. During cold weather, he wears his favorite heavy jackets, either plain brown or with more interesting patterns, along with work boots and heavy duty pants. I have a list of clothing he would wear here

  BACKGROUND: Tex is from the area around Palm Springs, California (Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella, Cathedral City, and so on) Born to James Saldahna and Marisol Lynn, and raised in a mid-century modern house in the heart of Palm Springs, California. His dad was originally from Texas, his mom from San Diego, and both met in college. He was around cars at a young age due to his dad's interest in them and his work in auto repair, and has a life long interest in old classic cars (and cowboys, which his mom encouraged). His mom is a famous Entomologist, and loved teaching young Tex about desert insects. She happens to be a black coyote due to a mutation from coydog ancestry, which is why Tex has such unique coloration for a coyote. His parents were both autistic (with varying traits, his dad was way more outspoken and goofy while his mom was quiet and calm), and and raised him well and loved him dearly. They began to struggle financially while Tex was in college, which pressured him to drop out (on top of being neurodivergent and struggling with a learning disability). Discovered by a mysterious man named Jack in a sleazy desert bar, Tex was pulled into the dark world of hitman work, training under him and other notorious hitmen, part of a hidden collective. By the time he was 30, he was skilled enough to work independently and began his own business, quickly becoming well known in the criminal world for his work, thanks to the training of Jack. With Tex's new earned wealth, he helped his parents, and continues to share his wealth anonymously with his community and those in need. 

  Currently in the story, he regularly works works in the southwestern states, mainly in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Coachella Valley. He ends up being hired as a long term bodyguard for Fenrir, a business man who suffers from paranoia and believes he is in great danger after he moves to LA, where the two develop a unique "friendship", and hiring Charlie, a young truck driver burnt out from his work, as an assistant. 


- While being Cis Binary Male, he is often gender nonforming in his style and fashion (wearing make up, earrings etc), and will happily respond to both he and she pronouns, feminine words/terms, etc, but this is more due to his sexuality being gay, not gender. He still prefers he/him pronouns over she/her but enjoys it playfully.
- Tex has a unique color mutation due to his grandfather (on his mother's side) being a 
coydog mix.
Has a unique resistance to high temperatures (105°F can feel like high 80s to him), and struggles with cold weather. This is sort of a "superpower" within the world.
He was originally made around January 2015.
He was designed to be my fursona at first, originally a coyote/wolf/dog mix.

Alternate profile (WIP): https://toyhou.se/94745.tex/4033995.longer-profile

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