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Key Relations


Callisto :: Partner & First Mate


Early in their dynamic, Tempest sees Callisto to be as easy on the eyes as she is to tease, and she does so love to tease beautiful women. It's a fun game to her, and casual flings are her bread and butter.

Rather quickly however, she gets taken aback by how shockingly genuine Callisto is. She's not really sure what to do with that amount of sincerity, and finds herself going along with her despite her better judgement. She'll leave when she gets bored, she says to herself, there's no harm in playing around for a little longer right?

That denial continues for quite some time, before very suddenly following a series of rather life threatening events she realises, goddamnit, she cares about her. To which she is very unpleased. And remains so ever to this day even as Captain and First Mate, as partners, as lovers. She's so pissed about it. It completely ruins her image. Goddamnit Callisto.

Anyway you didn't hear it from me but Tempest is really sweet on her 😇


Aquila :: Ex-lover


Aquila was Tempest's first mate 2 years prior, and (as with the rest of her crew) a little bit more than that from time to time. Aquila believed that their relationship was different than what the rest of the crew had with Tempest, though. When it became clear that wasn't the case, she became very bitter and angry.


Debauchery :: Good friend


It was through Debauchery that Tempest fell into the life of crime she lives in now, smuggling illicit ingredients to her in exchange for coin. Years later down the line when her life fell apart, Debauchery provided her with a place to stay and some direction. They're good friends, able to be honest with each other without intimidation or judgement, and just generally like the others' company.


Body shape
Natural muscle
Medium blue
Face shape
Eye shape
Nose shape
Broad & Flat

Design Notes

Don't stress about getting her horns right, they are quite difficult and my burden to bear <3 They're essentially a sideways S shape from the side, and from the front, they're rotated slightly and curve inwards. But again don't stress too much about them!

Her most distinctive traits are her round face, wide nose, and puffy sideburns.

Tempest has broad shoulders and strong arms from a long life at sea, but her hips are not very wide.

While Tempest is a slender woman, she still has fat on her body and as such her muscles are not sharply defined—no abs, just chunky arms.


VOICE :: Low & Purring

Despite her brazen personality, Tempest is not a particularly loud individual. She's capable of projecting her voice to be clearly audible even in the midst of a storm at sea, but she only ever speaks as loud as is needed to be heard. This gives her voice an almost soft quality, which is all the more unnerving when you just watched her take someone's head off seconds before.

She calls people darling indiscriminately, whether this is done mockingly or flirtatiously depends entirely on the situation and whether or not you're a woman, in which case it might be both. She's crass and foulmouthed, and can sometimes be a little bit stupid, so she has a tendency to say things before she's really thought about what she's saying. Not that she's ever likely to take something back, mind you.

Tempest's education is minimal. She can read, she can write, but most of her life was spent at sea—her childhood was spent on the docks, and the rest at sea. She never went to school, and she has little interest in reading or academia. Her magic is wild and unrefined and she does not care to learn how to channel it into spells more complex than zap you to death. As such her crassness is not just because of her personality, but also because of the environment she grew up in—after all, the foul mouths of sailors are infamous.

PERSONALITY :: Self-serving & Reckless, but also..?

Tempest is a woman who prioritises pleasure and adventure above all else. She is a pirate because she loves the sea and she loves the thrill of danger and adventure. She's a womanizer because she loves women and sex. She's not interested in being a good, just, or moral person—she does things for her own amusement, and that's all the reason she ever needs. If someone gets in her way, then her halberd might get in the way of their head being connected to their neck.

Or at least, that's how Tempest wants to be seen.

Whether or not this is actually true is another question. Some might say Tempest actually cares about people a lot. Enough to save a woman's life who didn't seem to belong in a cell like she did, even. Maybe even enough to accompany her in her travels for a little while because that same woman had never travelled alone before. Who know's really.