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Life | Lemon Tree | Any Pronouns

Gender: ???

Sexuality: Asexual

Birthday (unoffically): January 1st

Position: CEO of Existence Inc.

Life is easily offended and often yells at their staff over the tiniest things. They think they're better than everyone else and proclaimed themself CEO and founder of Existence Inc. many decades ago. Even before that, they've viewed themself as a leader of the gods. However, their staff treats them as the annoying person they see them as and don't offer much respect. There's only a few exceptions, most notably Death.

Unlike the other gods, Life can't shapeshift and is therefore stuck as a tree. They can only travel from place to place if someone transports them, a task which always falls onto Death.

The Lemons that they grow are actually containers of life energy, and can explode if too much pressure is applied. Eating a Lemon grants a person an extended lifespan, and this is what Life pays their employees with. Because despite being gods, the staff is essentially mortal without Life's Lemons. Their dependence on these fruits is why they begrudingly accept Life's position as CEO and don't try to aggravate them too much.

Life doesn't eat, and views the act of eating as morally wrong due to it requiring the killing of living creatures. They don't judge mortals for it, as those need to eat to survive, but they do judge their employees whenever they eat something other than a Lemon. In general, they don't have a lot of opinions on mortals, and any criticisms they have about them usually go towards a staff member whose job is relevant to the topic. They complain at Nature especially often. The only species they express explicit dislike towards are humans, due to the amount of work they cause.

Funfact Corner:

  • Life hates oranges, but feels neutral about limes
  • They avoid flowers and pollen at all costs
  • They will never give a straight answer if you ask about their gender
  • Death is the only employee they express any kind of fondness towards, and even that is rare
  • Love ships these two