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Yuu Gamon

Well fuck that shit.

Lives in Washington, D.C.
From ???
It's complicated with Waver Velvet
Researcher at Chaldea Security Organization
Studied Anthropology at the Clock Tower
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12:59 PM 70%
I cannot believe you left without me
Isn't the whole point of me being your servant is that I be there for you
i told you to stay with waver which you did so awesome you follow instructions
I have a contract with you not your husband
fiance and only for convenience's sake - he gets an heir eventually and the rest of the fam off his ass, i get access to all the cool shit that comes with being a high ranking wife
Is this going to be a regular occurance with you
...maybe? it's easier if i did stuff on my own anyways
But the point is that I'm supposed to be with you all the time
then we're gonna have to do something about your looks cause you stand out. you're too pretty man.
Thank you
I think
it's a compliment!!! you're really pretty but you stand out and sometimes i go to places that know me and they're going to ask why i have a fourth or fifth pretty boy hanging around me
4th or 5th
yeah! cause there's nic and waver and satoru and some of them have met rider so there's a lot of beautiful guys hanging around and some of the places i go to have ideas about me that i constantly and painfully have to dissuade.
Would it be better if my form was less human
if you show up all fire and brimstone i think that might cause problems of a different sort
There are other options
I have other forms How do you feel about snakes or cats
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