Alley McGee [Katragoon]



3 years, 29 days ago


This will be changed as I work on changing her into a Kat fully. She is now an approved Kat and her story is being voided. Created and only ever owned by me Alley | ♀ | Taken | 22 The streets of Zoo York City are a hard place to grow up, but this is exactly where Alley did. Abandoned as a baby, Alley didn't even have a name. People in the streets used to shake her off in disgust as she pleaded for food. The other children in the area, the ones who had families and homes, used to taunt her, yelling "Go back to your alley!" "Alley crow, crawl back to your gutter!" Rather than let this hurt her, Alley grew distant and quiet; she relied only on herself until she was about 10 years old, not a friend in the world. One cold day in December, Alley was napping in a dumpster, filled with discarded paper that served as her bed, when voices in her alleyway woke her. She lifted the dumpster lid just enough to peek out and saw two birds, a Jay and a Raven, arguing, though about what she didn't know. Shrugging, she shut her dumpster lid and went back to sleep. The dumpster lid flew open and she leapt up. The Jay, now seething with rage, grabbed her by the back of her neck and lifted her, squirming and kicking, and shoved her forward. She slammed into the Raven, who towered over her, and she puffed up her chest. The Jay snickered. "What do you say we do with this one, Vito? Think she heard anything? Want me to," he paused, "take care of it?" Vito smiled, a crooked, lopsided smile, and shook his head. "No, (Jay's name). I like this one. I think she has some potential." This is when Alley's life finally began. Turns out, Vito is one of the most powerful mob bosses in Zoo York. Plot twist? Not only that, Alley and he ended up together, though it was many years after they met. When he plucked Alley off of the streets, she was 10. She is 22 now, and she's been his right-hand ever since. She's learned all the tricks of the trade and could con an old man out of his cane. She doesn't like being cruel, however, and tends to earn a living with creativity, selling Painties on the street. This doesn't mean she's afraid to get her feathers dirty. Alley has a passion for art, music, and fun. She keeps Vito happy, and reminds him that life is not all business and violence. She lovingly refers to him as V, though he'd beat anyone else to a pulp if they mentioned it. Her favorite ways to pass the time are to sit on the couch in his office and read to him while he works, go out dancing together, and drawing funny caricatures of him and leaving them places, to name a few.