Yumi Shousuika



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Height: 5'3" (162 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)


Name: Yumi Shousuika (小スイカ夕実) || Etymology: Last Name: Shousuika - Small Watermelon (Related to her family's melon farm in the rural village that they live in), First Name: Yumi - Evening, Fruit/ Can also mean friend (Related again to her family's farm, as well as her friendship with Daiki Hadeawa as they were pen pals before he moved in with her)

Age: 18

Build/Physical Description: Average/Slightly Busty - Dark Brown Eyes, Salmon colored hair that fades into a coral color at the ends (Dyed), etc.

Nationality: Japanese

Favorite Item: Pink Cellphone with a watermelon keychain

Likes: Fresh Air, Watermelons, Farms, Homely smells, Cute plushies

Dislikes: Fruit Flies (Also Bugs in general), Being Embarrassed, Large Urban Cities, Overly ripe fruit, Extreme smells

Birthday: May 9th, 2003

Yumi is a novice idol originating from a very small, rural village in Japan. For most of her life, her family lived very modest and humble. As their only source of income was the melon farm they ran that had been passed down through generations of their family, they didn't make much money. Due to having a very narrow perspective of the world due to living in such a small village her whole life, Yumi's parents forced her into a program to meet online pen pals. This is how she came to know and befriend her friend Daiki Hadeawa (previously known as Danny). Due to him having family issues, Yumi invited Daiki to come live with her and her family in Japan for as long as he needed, during this time is when Daiki gained his footing as an idol once arriving.
After multiple future encounters with the managers of the company Daiki worked at, Yumi eventually was scouted to become an idol as well, which caused tension within her and Daiki's friendship. How will this effect their friendship as things move forward? Only time will tell.

As for personality, Yumi holds a very kind and tender heart. Caring for others, especially her friends is usually her top priority. At times however, she can go a bit overboard with this tendency, willing to get violent if someone were to hurt one of her friends. (Or jokingly hit them if it were one friend picking on another) This is due to her parents raising her and her siblings under strict beliefs that friends and family come first. Past this, Yumi remains very humble even to this day. Even if she has gained popularity and more funds due to now being an idol, she never forgets her upbringing and the things that really matter to her.


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Friends: Daiki Hadeawa, Tes Hanta, Phoebe Hanta, Zophie, Jett, Gyoku Shu, and more! (WIP)

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