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28(made to be)-"Heavy"-5'7-female

Muarma is a magical creation who became the most cowardly cop to ever cop.

Muarma is not the brightest bunch of circles around. She often doesn't get too many social cues and talks far too much for hew own good. Speak first, then think, tease your co workers either way. However, she is much more bark (if you can call it that) than bite. She sees one thing potentially dangerous and she's already headed for the hills. She doesn't take to stressful situations too well, along with being called a freak when in reality she is a stone figure birthed from magical sentient buildings. 

This makes most people wonder why in hell she is a cop, is she a a flesh bag? Emotional support? A fuckin bard?!


Not much info has been documented of this entity. If anyone has any more leads, please contact local officials.

One day in the year 1985, a sentient Target store and a small, sentient abandoned amusement park by the name of "Dream Boulevard" somehow created a child with their magic. This child was dubbed "Muarma." They soon raised her, causing her to do a lot of moving, and one day after seeing the police in action she decided she wanted to be just like them....even tho she hasn't had enough time to develop and doesn't know what the fuck is happening. Almost how no one knows what the fuck she is, and therefore people call her "it," "freak," "Yellow snow," "Cinnamon toast fuck," or "Frosty the piss creature"

Fun Facts:

-Let it be known she can be bribed with donuts

-She does have organs.....whether they are vital or how they would work is beyond even her knowledge.

-She does have a stone exterior


-Battle theme: The Cowardly Creature

-Chaotic Good