Näkki's Comments

I feel a little embarrassed to comment here almost two years later again, but I really wanted to use the last day of the February prompt as an opportunity to tell how much I love Näkki!! Not only is he the sole inspiration to why I created Kielo and made her Finnish, but the art you draw of him is always so inspiring and full of details, showing just how much you work on his character! It's always a really pleasant to see your art featuring him in my art inbox, and I honestly think he's one of those kind of OCs that I really love not because he's part of my species, but because he's genuinely intriguing and so fun to learn more about! He's such a fascinating character, both in terms of lore and personality! ;_; < 3

Thank you so much! <3

Aaahh I really like the changes you made ; o ; Also a Finnish name for a vetehi always gives me the good kind of kicks hehe

Ahh so good to hear, I was worried if I ended up changing too much! Ja joo hahah parasta tässä nimessä on kuinka ilman ääkkösiä siitä tulee Nakki. ='D