Robin's Comments

I’ll offer $100 for them! 😍

Hello! Sorry about the slow response, if you're still interested I'm willing to take that offer! If so, you can pay here when you're ready:

Yes I'm still interested, sent!! him but I just sold off most of my characters haha 

I could do 40 when I get paid on Friday? I can haggle up on the price with you a bit, I'm not sure what's a lowball 

If it helps, I'm currently looking at a $60 offer among trade offers! I'll be sitting on them for a day or so while looking at offers, so no worries on a possible hold.

GhAAAAAAAAH you can look at my characters? I'm a little reluctant but willing to sleep on it n get back to you if one interests you 

Do I have anything that interests you? I'm willing to trade multiple OC's or multiple art pieces ^^ 

I didn't see any designs I'd mesh well with, but thank you for the offer!

Thanks for looking.

I'm willing to offer anything in my toyhouse for them 

Thank you for the offer, though I didn't see anyone I'd be able to click with!

i'll offer someone from my available folder for them!

I didn't see anyone I'd click with, but thank you much for the offer!