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 Roxie Matalic

6744674_MTzkxgUIT6LnJVL.pnguntitled_by_papertsubaki-dc4aiii.gifNote for artists: Her hair is bright orange, eyes are brown. Her hair is only down to her mid-lower back.

TW: Some suggested abuse, Implied Self harm, + Some sexual references.

❥ Name: Roxanne "Roxie" Sapphire Matalic

❥ Birthday: June 10th 1993 / 1995 (Timeissue-- Canon age is 24)

❥ Marital Status: Married / in a relationship / Engaged

❥ Race: Human, Vampire ancestry

❥ Animal Affinity: Tiger

❥ Nationality: Canadian (Mixed background)

❥ Personality Type: INFJ-T

❥ Hobby: Video games, Music

❥ Work: Retired Idol / Part-time worker

❥ Alignment: Chaotic Good
❥ Sexuality:  Straight, Polyamorous/anderous

❥ Favourite Food:  Macrons, Pad Thai, Cheesecake, Takoyaki / Shrimp Acra

❥ Favourite Music: Fast paced, Epic, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Fast-paced electronica, Epic Instrumental, Symphonic metal

❥ Favourite Drink:  Coffee, Hazelnut Latte, Matcha Latte

❥ Lineage: Aristocratic / Royal, Vampire hunter

❥ Elemental Affinity: Fire

❥ Weapon: Gun, Katana Duo, Knives

❥ Family: Anica (Mother), Tyler (Father), Aunt (Foster Mother), Tom, Max, Brandon, Jake and Michael (Brothers), Helen (Foster Sister), Talon, Robin (Foster Brothers), Gage, Ash, Rye, Kierce, Aris, Tempest, Natsuki, Yuki, Sapphire, Eve Matalic (Children)
Roxie is a polyamorous twenty-something with a strong sense of justice. She originally grew up with a group of boys who ended up turning to be her love interests. She currently is married to most but still has blossoming romances. Roxie has a relatively unrealistic number of romances and as a result has a large harem who has since become her family. Roxie loves music, though she can't read notes on a staff very fluently. She plays multiple instruments and loves to sing, leading to short-lived fame as teen and later retiring to be a regular student.

From a young age, Roxie was known to stir up trouble from sneaking out of etiquette classes to climb trees or falling asleep in her language classes-- Roxie sought to rebel against the expectations set upon her. Though she has five brothers, she spent most of her childhood with Tom and therefore finds herself favouring him.  Their family situation was always unusual, causing for her aunt to live with them on and off and making the kids feel like they had no real sense of family except for each other. Even though they were re-united with Anica and Tyler many years later, Ever since she was young, she felt left out of every group she's been a part of and has found it her mission to stand out-- regardless if that happens to be good or bad.  She has been known to assert her independence since childhood, often trying to run away when she feels she has lost control or taking matters into her own hands. She's deathly afraid of thunderstorms, balloons and loud noises which is why she loves playing the drums to feel powerful herself. Roxie loves physical intimacy like cuddling and hugs but because of her anxiety she rarely initiates them with romantic interests, causing her to take a slightly more docile approach to romance.In 2017, Roxie was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and a panic / anxiety disorder.

3659895_PkKXVc6hI.jpg?1510867758At first glance, Roxie appears to be gentle and kind but also modest, shy and innocent but in reality she can be sarcastic, outgoing, jealous and even hot-headed. Even though she is one of the more mature members of her friend group, Roxie is one of the youngest and has moments of extreme immaturity. Being taught as a young girl to not speak out of turn, she acts shy around most men while warm and friendly around new women she meets-- usually to throw people off her more abrasive side. Even post-marriage she's rather docile and shy around her partner(s). The true Roxie is actually really outspoken and gets flustered if she doesn't get her way. She has severe mood swings that make her stoic or even sadistic at times.When she's distressed, she can become violently angry especially when her family is threatened. She rarely will physically harm someone but is willing to do so if they threaten her morals or perceptions. When something's bothering her, she'd either display intense emotions or none at all.

She's a natural born leader, but likes to let others think they're doing the leading. Even though she may appear docile, she's quite assertive in ways that usually go unnoticed. When Roxie is close to someone, she jabs at them playfully-- but she's never fully trusted anyone in her life due to her bad luck with people in general so she often takes things too seriously, even if she initiated the joke.

Family Life
Roxie is polyandrous, meaning she is married to more than one person. Her relationships developed when she was just a child, and the concept isn't uncommon in their world. Roxie has ten children, due to her supposed disposition to twins and triplets, but has a lot of support. She's extremely mature towards her children, but is happy to treat them as friends rather than being a strict mother figure.Because of her anxiety that her family will eventually leave her, Roxie is prone to keeping secrets from them in her adult years, once keeping a pregnancy to herself for several months. She very rarely asks them for help, even when her life is depending on it since she's afraid of how they may react.Though all of her boys know each other and most of them are relatively close, there was one instance where Roxie was secretly in a relationship with her best friend and no one knew about it. He broke up with her when he saw how the secret was impacting her. The two ended up together many months later.One of her boyfriends had bipolar disorder as well, and she often confides in him and her other boyfriend with anxiety when she has a panic attack. She finds the support from them helps but sometimes she has a hard time coming to them in the first place. She used to live in a house with many people (Similar to an apartment but in a large house/ mansion lol) but moved out exclusively with her husbands when Gage was born. The family is rather relaxed with one and other, but Roxie is constantly stressing out on how to divide up her time. Roxie is extremely submissive towards her husbands when it comes to romantic things but she does hold some leadership whether they know it or not.

Often the family is on rotation when it comes to who cooks. Usually 2-3 of the family members help with cooking meals and lunch and dinner are a free for all. For restaurants, special rooms have to be rented out or arrangements have to be made if they go together.

Each family member is responsible for cleaning their own room, though each one has responsibilities when it comes to cleaning day. Roxie is typically in charge of vacuuming main areas or wiping down the main area, for example.

Though there is a common sleeping area, most of the family chooses to sleep in their own rooms. Roxie has her own room and usually has one or more of her romantic interests stay with her. She sometimes sleeps in other people's rooms.Roxie can't sleep unless someone is there with her.

Roxie is required to tell all of her family if she is involved in another relationship. At one point, it was common for her boys to have external relationships however that is no longer the case. Because of her jealousy, they don't to take up her offer of having a casual relationship on the side. There is an ongoing joke that Roxie asks romantic interests to stay as a friend and they end up never leaving. This has happened numerous times, such as her current boyfriend who was best friends with her, was meant to stay a few nights to cheer her up and never ended up leaving.

Children + Naming: 
Children usually go unnamed for quite some time while the family sorts out a name for them. The kids often refer to them based on the name they ask them to (i.e. daddy, dad etc.) but when in a group, they refer to them by as their name (i.e. in the case of Gray, 'Daddy Gray'.) The kids are raised knowing that their dads are their actual dads and there is no 'real' or 'genuine'.

Though she tends to love and treat everyone the same, Roxie often goes through phases of who she spends time with, sometimes wanting to be with one person or group more often than others.

Sex Life: [NSFW Warning]

Even though she'll actively deny it, Roxie has sex usually multiple times a day with different people due to her the size of her harem. She's rather shy in bed so she rarely initiates the encounters. She'll try anything once, especially if it pleases her partners. To date, she hasn't slept with anyone she hasn't loved / been in a relationship with due to her strong sense of pride but only waited for marriage once.  Roxie considers sexual intimacy to be very important to her, so she is known to make her love interests wait a considerable amount of time before they sleep together.


Music Playlist


► Playlist

Only One 
Paper Walls
Move Along
     All-American Rejects
When I'm Gone
     Simple Plan
Ocean Avenue
     Sum 41
A Vicious Kind
Fly on the Wall
     Thousand Foot Krutch
All About Us
Chyna Girl
Your Guardian Angel
     The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Sleepless Nights
     Faber Drive
     Rise Against
     Escape the Fate
Battle Theme
     Project Octopath
Cornering Together
     Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice
Paper Moon
     Tommy Heavenly6
     Eir Aoi (Even though we both despise SAO bahaha)
Rising Hope

Each of these songs mean something to her as a person or to her as a character. Some may be important to a plot point or just some of her favourite songs.



Her beyblade, Urania.

7c78a5d5e48ecf606c4d9ac4283a8d91-dc3i3ehShe collects knives and daggers

Mental Health
After being in her relationships for ~6 years, Roxie finally tied the knot-- which eventually led to her finding out some darker secrets about her boys. A lot had happened behind the scenes that she hadn't seen, which caused her to emotionally break down the night before her wedding, almost cancelling. From July / August 2011, Roxie began to experience intense personality shifts as well as instability including severe depression. This remained undiagnosed for many years, and she just referred to herself as 'crazy' and referred to her episodes in the third person to disassociate herself. While she maintains a panic disorder, she has yet to return to that state and will frequently cry when recalling that time in her life .A particularly concerning element of her mental health is that Roxie has had a habit of running away based on delusions or paranoia (For example, assuming that she was a one-night-stand for her serious boyfriend without being prompted). When her mental health issues began to surface, she'd run away very regularly.

In May, 2012, her health notably got worse as she began to run away more frequently to the point of going missing for 24 hours before being found with her friends in a town over. May 20th, 2012, she gave birth to her first child, Gage Matalic and she began to return to her original self, though once stealing her brother's car with her kid for a few hours. She was later diagnosed with depression, though it wasn't accurate.
In 2017, she was diagnosed officially with manic depressive disorder. she began to take medication for her bipolar after committing arson in a depressive episode. She began to reach out to her boys for help. Even though she tried to get help, she is also intentionally self-destructive-- Punishing herself by not taking medication since she doesn't feel that she deserves to get better.


Tw: minor mention of physical abuse

Before her main storyline, Roxie grew up as the heir to the Matalic empire, much to her dismay. She was estranged from her parents when she was very young and was raised primarily by her aunt alongside her five brothers. At age five, she and Tom were the only two siblings remaining, as the other three set out to live elsewhere. Roxie was forced to attend classes for etiquette and languages, which she either slept through or snuck away to go climb trees. Because she was pushed to be a 'proper' girl, Roxie often wanted to be a boy up until she was eight.Even though she was separated from her parents, Roxie and her siblings were partially raised by their Aunt alongside her children Talon, Helen and Robin. Since the town was primarily owned by the family, the Matalics often cared for Roxie and Tom while leaving them to their own devices without adult supervision which caused the two of them to grow up with a stark lack of respect for authority and her trust had to be gained. At age seven, Roxie and Tom were informed that Helen had passed away, leaving her family devastated. Shortly thereafter, Talon's death was announced rendering her aunt unable to care for Roxie and Tom. The family decided that Roxie and her brothers needed to be adopted into households. Max, Brandon and Tom were taken together, Michael and Jake to a household nearby in fear of separating the quintuplets. The only willing person to take Roxie was her uncle, who didn't particularly like kids. Roxie stayed with him for two months, where he continued to unfairly hurt her emotionally and physically. Her uncle died mysteriously one day once the house was set on fire and Roxie was again under the care of her grieving aunt but with help from her other family members. When she was ten, Tom left to go travelling with a group, telling Roxie to stay with their ill grandmother who passed away shortly thereafter. Roxie rebelled from Tom's words, cutting her long hair to her mid-back and going after her brother. The two traveled together until she was eleven and was then re-united to move in together in the mansion when she turned twelve. 
The deaths in her family were referred to by the "Matalic Curse" by many since there was a high count of casualties in a short amount of time. It turns out, however, that all of the deaths were interconnected, tracing back to a man that Roxie would fight into her adult years.

Quick Facts

TWs: Mention of emotional / verbal abuse, sex, self-harm

  • Roxie's hairclips were originally a necklace I designed for her when I was twelve as her 'emotional' elemental affinity. When she tries to temporarily manipulate emotions, they glow to a light pink + white.
  • She has an unreasonable number of romantic interests-- a number that'll never be publicly revealed haha
  • When Roxie was a child she wanted to be a boy. She's comfortable in her identity now, but still gets along better with guys
  • She has a longstanding desire to play a villain in a cartoon.
  • Roxie has the ability to change her clothes, eye colour and hair colour using her abilities.  Even though her eyes change less often in her adult years, they still occasionally flash a different colour. Roxie sometimes changes her eye colour to act a different personality (lavender = sadistic, Green = evil, purple = strong silent, blue = cheerful, grey = broken). More commonly, her eyes change when she thinks of someone she loves to match their eye colour. She has less control over this and it angers her.
  • Roxie steals small samples of some of her husband's cologne or body sprays so she won't miss them when they're away. This is more a joke than anything, but it was started by one of her boyfriends at the time.  
  • Vampire hunter weapons are 'blessed' to make them effective against vampires. Blessed weapons will burn the skin of vampires and will kill them easier. When Roxie refers to her weapons, she uses the term "cursed".
  • Roxie's age is two years younger than she's lived due to timeline issues. (She was 12 when I was 10 and I didn't want to change that, so I made her stay back as 12 for 2 years and give little explanation for it)
  • Even after years of marriage Roxie will sometimes just cry because she loves them so much.
  • She was arrested once in in suspicion of Arson. She set a public field on fire and was promptly arrested but she was let off due lack of evidence.
  • She has a timer set for 3pm everyday for her afternoon coffee
  • She considers her name to be something her parents hold over her
  • She cannot drive but she's stolen her family members' cars during her episodes in attempts to run away.
  • With the above said, Roxie never goes by "Roxanne" and says she feels weird hearing it. She says that her brothers always called her "Roxie" and that's the name she prefers.
  • She called her brothers by shortened nicknames and still does it to annoy them: Tommy, Brandy, Mikey, Jakey, Maxie. This is also reciprocated in Roxie's nickname. 
  • She had flip phones as a kid, namely a pink one before getting a blue one. She liked hanging up on people until she got a vertical slide phone as a pre-teen followed by an actual smartphone in high school
  • She often mutters insults in Polish or Spanish and when someone asks what she said she responds "I said I love the way your hair looks in the moonlight".
  • [TW] Her relationships have mainly held out well but she has an ex who was verbally absuive and cheated on her. She never recovered from this.
  • She lived in a house where no one over 18 was allowed. When she had Gage, she and the boys moved out. Now everyone who lives there is over 21. 
  • Out of her brothers Tom is her favourite and she gets along best with him.
  • She's afraid of but loves thunderstorms. She uses them as an excuse to cuddle with others. Thunderstorms are a reference to her brother's connection to lightning as their main power.
  • All her life she has shared a bed with someone. When she was younger, sleeping on her side facing someone would show preference to a person, back turned towards one person shows anger, on her back showed comfort and sleeping on her stomach was her way of telling everyone to leave her alone. 
  • She can manipulate various elements. Her main element is Fire which also happens to be her weakest.
  • She was attacked when she was younger, and her entire left side of her neck was scratched really badly and since she hides that side with her hair in fear that it'll happen again (Floofy hair powers, activate!!)
  • [TW] When my cat passed away and when I dealt with his illness for the 2-3 months I usually imagined Roxie in the same situation with TigerLily. When Coco passed, so did TigerLily so I could cope with my loss with Roxie.
  • Roxie can use her powers to hide scars for long periods of time without break.
    TW: Mentions of Abuse in the spoiler below
  • When Roxie was seven, she was taken in by her aunt's ex husband with the plan for him to adopt her. He proceeded to starve, hurt and torment her on the daily, and her family members considered her ungrateful when she called for help. She was separated from her brothers since they were quintuplets and they considered them staying together the priority, even though one of the foster homes had room for her, they lied to say they couldn't take her. She only had a purse in the shape of a teddy bear she would carry around with makeup inside to cover up her bruises with makeup. Instead of breaking down, she learned how to pocket extra money and found ways to survive on her own. She was taken to a marriage interview where a bunch of older boys noticed the bruises and scars on her through her makeup as well as some ominous things she had said to them. They spent the next two weeks working with the police to get her out of the home.
    In the last day on her uncle's house, Roxie's memory blacked out as she remembers setting the house on fire and pulling her bag in close awaiting death. Police and firefighters stormed the place to find her uncle dead in the kitchen and Roxie curled up in bed, alive and traumatized. Part of Roxie still wonders if she as the one who killed her uncle, though it wasn't the case.
    Roxie claims that she 'died' in that fire and since has nightmares and terrors about her two months in hell. She has taken her past in stride in hopes to help people who have been through similar situations that she has.

  • [TW]She has mainly hidden her self-harm scars as a way to prove she's moved on and gotten better
  • [TW / NSFW] Roxie has slightly masochistic interests including the SM practice of hot wax on her back.
  • [NSFW] Even though she has kids, she often jokes that she's a virgin. Roxie denies that she has a sex life  even though she's very sexually active.
  • [NSFW] She doesn't like being on top.
  • [NSFW] Even though she appears innocent, Roxie lost her virginity at a young age to her now-husband. 
  • [NSFW] Her safe word is "Blueberries" and she doesn't remember how that came about.
  • [NSFW] Hypocritically, Roxie gets extremely jealous if her love interests aren't virgins before she dates them. She hates that this is the case and it's just an ongoing joke between her boys and friends.
  • [NSFW] Roxie used to sleep only in her underwear but in her twenties she began sleeping 100% naked.

Friendships: The Mansion Residents
11257785_IEIpAIM3D8wXzKE.jpg?1546144378After travelling with her brother, Roxie eventually settled down in a small town in a shared living space, fondly called 'The Mansion'. With many people living under the same roof, drama often ensued. When Roxie had Gage, she moved a short distance away with her family. Until everyone had turned 18, there was a strict ban of 'adults' in the building mainly due to their rebellion and fear of custody battles for the young misfit residents.
Even in adulthood they often visit the mansion to see their old friends, sometimes multiple times daily. Her in-laws and best friends still remain in the mansion long thereafter and visit her regularly.

When the group gets together, usually it involves musical performances and song practice. Songs from TV shows, fan songs and covers as well as improvised lyrics or instrumental riffs are all within their area of enjoyment. Roxie often performs with her three sister-in-laws but her other female friends often practice and play with them. Though the musical endeavors are mainly for entertainment, Roxie puts on a persona that exaggerates how she feels-- Angry, cutesy, Tsundere, Stoic... The list goes on. She enjoys covering villain songs as she is set on playing a villain sometime in the future. Her attitude and outgoing facade is to impress her romantic interests, such as Azreal who stops by to watch their silly performances.
Roxie can play a bunch of instruments by ear but she tends to sing, play electric guitar, drums and Piano the most. She's not quite talented enough to write her own songs or read notes however.
  Video Games

❥ Coffee


❥ Pop music (Pop punk, J-pop, C-Pop, Russian Pop, K-pop, Mainstream pop)

  The rain


   Switching personalities

   Playing Innocence

   Making people laugh


   Cuddling / Physical intimacy

   Salty Foods

  Playing  Electric guitar, Drums and Piano

sex, though she'll never admit to it.
❥ Thunderstorms*

  Alcohol  / Drunk People / People who drink

 Earrings / Piercings

❥ Her late uncle

❥ Cheaters

❥ Spaghetti / Pasta

❥ Her boys' exes.

  When people make her violently angry

❥ Icecream

❥ Hurting people

❥ Losing Control

❥ Sand

   People who out-do her

*She actually loves them, but they cause a fear response in her. She often exaggerates her fear to get people to comfort and hug her.

Her "Boys"(Harem)

Relation:  Romantic (Varies)

Roxie's harem is a large group of boys that live with her, many of which are legally married to her. She has an order and number for each of them to remember what order she fell in love with them in. She is far from a perfect wife, often having severe trust issues and controlling instincts. She has had two failed relationships, both of which were toxic in both ways. Though the boys get along, they seldom agree on things and require Roxie to give the final say, especially on baby naming. In-universe there is a relationship state between going steady and engaged, where Roxie spent much of her time before she was first married to the first boy in her harem on June 27th 2011, shortly before her bipolar disorder surfaced for real. Roxie's romantic relationships vary greatly from person to person. Since her polyamory stemmed from a young age, monogamy is a far off concept for her, and she's since adapted to the life of having multiple romantic interests. She refers to the group as the "boys" even though they're all in their 20s and 30s. Most of the marital fights come from Roxie's anxiety over her harem leaving her, or over her bad choices. She struggles to spend time with each one on a weekly basis so they usually spend their time in a group together. Polyandery is a common concept in-universe, and while there is jealousy there are ways for the boys to cope with it.There were four essential waves of romantic interests: one set when she was younger (2005), a single boyfriend from 2008-2012, another set in 2013 which included her first crush, Gray, and finally the last set in 2015-2017.
The Kids

Relation:  Children

Roxie has 10 children as of 2018 much to her dismay (and, in the opinion of her friends, a shockingly low number considering her activity). Though she's close with her kids, she isn't trusted with them very often due to her neurotic behaviour. The kids are usually in the background of any given day and aren't given much attention in her story tbh haha
Gage, her eldest who she's closest with
Ash and Rye:Fraternal twins
Kierce: First child to have Roxie's haircolour
Tempest, Natsuki, Aris: Triplets, much to her dismay
Yuki and Sapphire: Her first real accidents, identical twins
Eve: Another accident and first confirmed non-human child (Occult-- Vampire)
Tom Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother

Relationship: Tom and Roxie have spent the most amount of time together, as they travelled together for a year when they were kids. Because she's the only sister and the only non-quintuplet, Tom takes pride in their closeness, but is often worried that Max may be her favourite brother. Roxie lowkey favours Tom the most.Roxie and Tom grew up together, even after the others left. The two are extremely close, though they do clash every now and again. When Roxie was twenty, she watched a movie that made her realize she wanted a regular relationship with her brothers, specifically Tom. She was afraid to lose him (Since the older brother died in the movie) which caused him to live in her basement. The two get along really well, as Tom often uses what he knows about Roxie to connect with her romantic interests later in life.
Brandon Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother

Relationship: Brandon and Roxie's relationship is close but strained. Because the two didn't grow up together, they find it difficult to see eachother as siblings but rather close friends. Because of this, Brandon used to be rather cold toward Roxie but since the two have become closer even living with her at one point. Roxie holds a grudge against him since she wanted to be the first in the family to have children.
Michael Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother

Relationship: Michael and Roxie have a very tough relationship, as they clash a lot. The two have learned to get along now that Michael has grown up and Roxie is less judgmental in her adulthood. He's married to Roxie's best friend, and Roxie is very critical of how he treats
Jake Matalic

Relation:  Older Brother

Relationship: Jake and Roxie are friendly but aren't as close as she is with the others. He complains a lot about girls who don't like him back and it annoys her. Jake is the most critical of Roxie's romantic lifestyle.
Max Matalic

Relation:  Older Brother

Relationship: Everyone thinks  that Max is Roxie's favourite since they both feel like they're the black sheep of the six. The two of them care strongly for each other but they also don't spend a lot of time together regardless.
Anica Matalic

Relation:  Mother

Relationship: Roxie and Anica have the most strained but closest relationship of the siblings. Roxie often confides in Anica when she fears for her relationships and she helps Roxie cope with the difficulties in being poly. Roxie understands why Anica left the most after she had her own kids understanding that she would do anything to keep them safe.
Crystal Sparkle5076542_KHHgEAvPOKzAaNZ.pngRelation: Best Friend / Childhood best friend

Relationship: Crystal is Roxie's long-term best friend from school and fellow poly girl. The two of them grew up together and later ended up becoming in-laws when the two of them married a set of brothers. Crystal is the rational thought in the midst Roxie's drama. She often knows all sides of the story. She claims she stopped learning the names of Roxie's husbands because she's sick of how many there are.
Kira Brookheart
Relation: Best Friend / Childhood best friend

Relationship: Alongside Brenda, Kira was Roxie's best friend from Childhood. The two became very close once Kira had passed away and she clung to Roxie, speaking to her regularly up to her Resurrection. One of the men Roxie  was secretly in love with fell for Kira, much to her dismay and she was incredibly jealous though let him be happy liking her. Kira was convinced, rightly so, that he was just saying that to make Roxie jealous.
Rose Lightning
Relation:  Ex-Bandmate, Best Friend

Relationship: Roxie and Rose were the two headstrong girls in their group. They had met back during training and eventually got together to form their music group with the other four. The two were really close until one day when Roxie witnessed Rose cheating with Emerald. She told her brother and the two broke up. Roxie played a huge role in getting custody of Lacey. In the end, the two ended up on good terms and worked to repair their relationship.
Brenda Anderson
Relation: Childhood Best Friend

Relationship:As children, Brenda met Roxie when she was down, just like she had with Kira. She yelled at Roxie to not let things impact her, which resulted in Roxie retaliating against her. This impressed her and they had a long relationship of fighting and love ahead. Roxie and Brenda would butt heads but Roxie would usually assume leadership even though Brenda didn't like it.When they were teenagers, Brenda started dating her eventual husband and Roxie had warned her about him (since he was close with one of Roxie's romantic interests). She inevitably supported her and helped him fall in love with her, however, and later gave her emotional support in her divorce. Brenda has currently eyed Roxie's inlaws as a rebound much to her dismay.