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Evren is a stickler for rules and doing things the way they've always been done. He's fond of the phrase "back in my day..." and thinks that people nowadays have it too easy. He's arrogant and likes to talk about himself and/or give condescending lectures to people. This makes it so he has few friends, as most people who know him run off screaming in the other direction when they see him approach (to avoid having to listen to him). However, because he's very skilled and dedicated to his work, people have no choice but to rely on him. Evren may brag a lot and likes telling stories of his escapades, but he also has the skills to back it up.

He doesn't like being tied down, so he is a frequenter of high-class brothels and likes to wander from town to town in search of new work and new faces. He sees brothels more as places where he can pay for a companion rather than a place for sex, though, and spends most of his time talking to the prostitutes instead of having sex with them. Because of this, the women either love him (easy way to make a buck if you're patient) or hate him (because he's all talk and no "action").

In a few words: stubborn, methodical, close-minded, talkative, arrogant, and hard-working.


Evren was once a knight who worked for a noble family, but even back then he didn't enjoy the work because it felt too stifling. The family eventually fell to ruin after the latest heir squandered all of the family fortune, so Evren took that chance to move on to new endeavors. He's currently working as a wandering mercenary.


Evren means "cosmos, the universe" in Turkish. His gemstone is Garnet.