1 year, 10 months ago


Bobcat | Female | Lesbian

Small in size but not in attitude. She might look like you could just as easily pick her up, but she is very physically strong. She might bite, anyway. She has her fasion sense all mapped out, with a pastel and leather affinity. Very femme. Forward, the type to to approach you at the bar and talk to you like youve been friends for years. Rock solid Feminist. Most of her friends tend to be on the masculine side. She loves the thrill of life itself and loves to experience.

Physical - Chubby, well proportioned, very soft. Around 5 foot 1, give or take. Defined feminine lashes. Large teal/mint plugs. The fur around her arms and chest is very long, and natural to a bobcat, her cheek fluff is also long and flowy. The rest of the fur on her body is relatively short/medium length. Her hair is styled much like a mohawk, although its pretty messy and kind of lays however it wants that day. She has tufts on the ends of her ears.