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Design; symmetra
Profile CSS; Wicked


★ Basics

Name formerly Evelyn Lilith Kriemhilde Alias Gretchen
Age Immortal, physically 19 Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female Sexuality Unknown
Species Jiāngshī, zombie Occupation Merlynn's servant
Charahub [Link] Theme [Dead Man's Lovely Life]

★ Physical Appearance

Eyes Red; hidden under tag Skin Tone Pale, sickly
Hair Color Black; dull in color Hair Style Very long
  • Gretchen's spell seal is important to her design. The letters on Gretchen's seal can be removed, though. Gretchen's limbs are severed, however they're kept in place by the spell seal. The seams of Gretchen's limbs are hidden by her sleeves.
  • Gretchen's eyes are frequently hidden beneath her bangs.


Voice Claim: N/A

Jiāngshī are a special kind of zombie, known for hoping rather than walking as a result of their stiff, unmoving joints. While generally regarded as a sort of zombie, some refer to the jiāngshī as vampires rather because of their ability to absorb the life force of living creatures. Similar to other undead creatures, jiāngshī use the life force they adsorb as a means to keep themselves stable.

Its common for an Imp to use spell seals on their servants; the purpose of these seals depend on the enchantment. Seals can be used to keep magic in check, or simply to keep limbs bound and attached to the zombie in question. Gretchen's seal is of the ladder, as it keeps her joints attached to her body and usable.

As a zombie of sorts, Gretchen's skin is a sickly pale color. Her hair has turned a dull gray as opposed to her natural dark black, and her eyes retain a glossy, red color.

To hide the seams of Gretchen's limbs, Merlynn had an outfit personally tailored by Fen Wu. As customary of a servant, this outfit is classy in appearance with a pinstriped black vest and matching skirt, as well as a ribbon at the collar. Gretchen's undershirt is frilly and white. Gretchen's shoes are mary janes with rose pins, and the socks underneath are striped thigh-highs.

★ Personality


One of the many repercussions of zombification is the absolute loss of most prior personality traits. While its not uncommon for a zombie to exhibit old habits, their personality in general is reduced down. Zombies make good servants because of their lack of willpower; they are under no circumstances allowed to disobey their master. If their master has a task for them, they're unable to preform tasks of their own until it is completed. This is in part due to the Imp's abilities.

Gretchen's personality has been boiled down to one that is similar of a dog's; she is bound to her master and willfully preforms any task Merlynn has for her, and in the meantime enjoys simply staying in Merlynn's company. When left to her own devices, Gretchen is likely to wander outside and attempt to pick flowers. Gretchen looks forward to dinnertime every night, as Merlynn makes a special dish just for Gretchen. Merlynn unfortunately never met Gretchen before her death, and is clueless as to who exactly she was.

Traditionally, a jiāngshī's purpose is to absorb the life energy of nearby creatures, including both humans and animals. In order for an undead spirit to remain in the physical realm, its necessary for them to take from living creatures, be it their emotions, life energy, or something else entirely. If a jiāngshī goes too long without absorbing energy, their soul will be lost upon the physical realm while still unable to properly pass onto the afterlife, essentially causing them to be lost in a purgatory of sorts. Due to Merlynn's passive nature, she encourages Gretchen to absorb life energy of animals, such as squirrels and deer, rather than humans'. Being as witless as she is, its up to Merlynn to track Gretchen's energy intake rather than herself.

♥ Likes

  • Merlynn
  • head pats
  • eating
  • wandering

✖ Dislikes

  • intruders
  • fire
  • seafood
  • water

★ Miscellaneous

      P L A Y L I S T 

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001 - Dead Man's Lovely Life - Buta Otome

002 - Dead End Screamer - GET IN THE RING

003 - SUPER HOPPING VAMPIRE - Pizuya's Cell

004 - Mansion of Puppets - SOUND HOLIC

★ Relationships



[ master ]
Merlynn loves her zombie slave. Given her solitary nature, Merlynn has few acquaintances, and fewer friends. Perhaps this is what convinced her to resurrect Gretchen, rather than report her as deceased to the police. Merylnn, longing for company, took it upon herself to mend Gretchen's severed limbs and return some life to her.

★ Trivia


  • Gretchen still retains her apparent hatred of seafood and will refuse to eat dinner if this is what Merlynn has prepared.
  • Gretchen's real name is Evelyn Lilith Kriemhilde. The last name Kriemhilde is a slight reference to Kremhild Gretchen, Madoka's witch name from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Try as she might, Merlynn can't mask Gretchen's smell of decay. No perfume is strong enough to overpower that unfortunately.
  • Unfortunately Gretchen is incapable of speech, however she understands commands in both English and Death's Whisper.
  • Gretchen behaves much like a dog. This is common for jiāngshī, some imps bonding with them as pets rather than servants. This behavior includes Gretchen's enjoyment of head pats and tendencies to chase the mail man. When left alone, Gretchen can usually be found wandering about Merlynn's garden.
  • Gretchen is of Abirelle's equivalent of German descent.

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