Ketut Rutu



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Ketut Rutu



「As the world comes to an end, I'll be here to hold your hand!]

Ketut Rutu

Male | He/Him



March 18th







King and Lionheart
Theme Song


Favorite food: Kao Ka Moo (pork leg stew)
Favorite soft drink: Cha Yen (strong black tea, milk powder or condensed milk, sugar, and spices)
Favorite alcoholic drink: Sang Som
Zodiac: Pisces sun, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising.
Thai descent.
An absolute flirt with his mind in the gutter, be mindful around him.
Cannot stand silence, if it's too quiet he'll start singing, humming or talking to himself to avoid the lack of noise.
Often hits his head when going into buildings, that's how he got the nose scar.

7'8” | 234 cm

Caramel Brown
Fur tone

Body type

Espresso Brown

447 lbs | 202 kg

Emerald Green

Dress Style

A few scars



Has very sharp retractable claws.
Tail is extremely fluffy yet light, it moves easily with the wind as if made of clouds or smoke.
Always has a bell somewhere, can be slightly hidden but must be visible.
Left ear has a small piece off and a scar.
Has another scar right over his nose, stretching between the eyes touching his left eyelid.

a462c19087e23f6dffede46275e14ec1.jpg 85d898b01e7e5626e4dc27ae8e9f95b4.jpg






[There needs to be a big, loud personality to fit into such a large container. Ketut is, in a few words, too much. He is boisterous and flashy, while he doesn’t actively search for the limelight it ends up finding him. I mean, he’s huge, it’s hard to ignore the lion when he is around. His appearance would make everyone think he is a big, fierce and grumpy guy you would need to be careful of, the loudness and grit of his voice wouldn’t help, however Ketut rarely means any harm. He is extremely peppy and humorous, looking to make friends– or rather, assuming he is already friends with whoever is standing in front of him. He will crack jokes, chit chat and be irredeemably cheeky with everyone, making softer ones uncomfortable even if that’s not his intention. It’s extremely hard for him to get angry, only endangering the ones he loves would trigger that reaction on him, but it’s also a risky choice as his strength and size means risk to anyone in his vicinity. ]

f60b9f53410b47e5e45034a7e3c07753.jpg a580641b79b26c84e7e9a8d3c69e6805.jpg bf47c99ab149547e8e9b2c7b4950e030.jpg 96c959de58b0543b6d705208db9bb4a4.jpg


Power, Miracle, Sound
Usable Domains

Inara, Our Lady of the Dawn

Chosen By

Heart of a Lion

Power, Miracle
Domains of Spell

Ketut focuses his strength and prayers to buff his body, turning his fur into a sword and armor, ready to give and take hits, spells and slashes for extended periods of time, protecting his allies. For every hit the lion endures a warm, soothing aura radiating from his body, healing nearby allies and restoring their strength. The shielding from this spell only works against physical damage.

Tender Claws

Domains of Spell

Healing magic manifests on the lion’s hands, this allows for him to heal wounds, cracked bones or extremely tense muscles. The effects vary on the way he uses his hands. Holding them on top of wounds will slowly heal them, closing off cuts and tears in the muscles and slowing down the bleeding. Massaging will release the tension in sprained or otherwise hurt muscles and poking with his claws can crack bones into place or work similarly to acupuncture. The spell doesn’t work on severe wounds as it cannot slow down the bleeding much, it can only be used as a way to “buy time” before heading to better trained healers.

Brute Snap

Sound, Power
Domains of Spell

With this spell Ketut can face an opponent with a mighty lion roar, coming deep from his chest. The volume and vibration create a series of sound waves that can interrupt the oponent's move, blasting them away and damaging anything or anyone in it’s way. The courageous roar can then empower him and his allies, giving them a boost on raw power and stamina.

f797cd63c51c3b0abda2ae271abd3787.jpg 9cade307030ccb6b4829a1b3b65e9fa8.jpg ada57bd2dac6251f2fec4fa5e91f41cc.jpg cbfbd8e844e429fdb91331c65e911164.jpg


Ketut was born to a very humble family in Ixen, being the eldest child. Always a very cheerful boy he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends, such a little smiling cub he was. Was he brilliant in school? No. Did he try his best to do as good as he could? You bet! Ketut was always worrying over the well being of his loved ones, knowing that his family did not have a lot or the possibilities to go through life without troubles was his one source of stress and, as a child, all he could do was make the most with the opportunities life gave him. In this case: school.

Life was simple like that, that is until his siblings were old enough for school as well. Bullies are, unfortunately, a part of life, and with the family being as humble as they were it was no wonder some mean spirited kids decided to pick on the young ones. Calling them names, pushing them around, throwing them stuff. Ketut could not tolerate this and the cheery, well behaved boy started picking up fights left and right to protect his baby siblings. This started to reflect in teacher notes, his grades and even the amount of friends he was able to make. With this so-called “change of attitude” also came a growth spur. The guardian lion’s size started to catch up with his age, getting bigger and stronger with each day, it intimidated not only other kids around him but some biggoted teachers as well. Uneasy with his powerful appearance it didn’t take long for rumors about violent behavior to reach the headmaster’s office and the boy was kicked out without a chance to explain.

After this he lost hope about having a better future, all he could do was try and find small jobs to help put bread on the table each day. This is how he ended up in an alternative medicine office, as an errand boy to an elderly doctor from Kami-Higashi that cared for him like a son. As the years passed the doctor taught the lion the trades of his work. Pressure points to relieve others from pain, where to press to crack bones and muscle back into place, herbs to mix for natural remedies and ways to channel his magic into helping. While the money he could put into his home wasn’t much it was honest and he was happy. He enjoyed his life and started taking jobs for the old man when his age stopped allowing him to do as much.

Then the day came, time was too strong and took the old man away from him. Saddened, worried but grateful, Ketut was on his way home lost in his bittersweet memories of the past years when a loud shriek took him out of his reverie… A very frail elderly woman was on the ground, clutching a visibly broken ankle as a group of thieves ran with her belongings. Without second thought the lion sprinted behind the group with a menacing roar, catching and stopping them with the pressure points learned from his old master mixed with his magic without breaking a sweat. A mix of his physical prowess and his ancient medicine knowledge shining through. Once he recovered all of the old woman’s belongings and making sure the thieves were incapacitated for someone to take care of them he returned, healing the frail lady with his magic and helping her get home.

He was still troubled, as he was still out of a job, and did not notice the small gang following him on his way home until he got to the door. Claws out he was ready to defend his loved ones… except this group was here to offer him a job. They had seen him take down the delinquents and even have the means to heal wounds. The Hoshizora clan was very interested in someone with those abilities to take care of their young ones. While the job the clan was involved with was something he did not agree with, it meant more than enough to take his family off the poverty they had experienced for years and perhaps the means to help more people so he accepted. Moving to Zoloto as the twin’s personal bodyguard.

moving to arcana

The friendly lion did not take long to get attached to the younger members of the family, following them like a puppy, ready to help them be safe, healthy and happy. The family was out on a mission, procuring whatever information they could on the mysterious Lune de Miel to move in whenever possible. Perhaps the move to Arcana would calm the odd dealings the younglins were so used to and start a more productive, healthier and peaceful lifestyle.