Tom Matalic



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Tom Matalic

❥ Name: Tom Matalic

❥ Birthday: May 10th 1992 / 1990 (Time issue)

❥ Marital Status: Married / In a relationship

❥ Race: Human (Temporarily a vampire)

❥ Animal Affinity: Grey Wolf

❥ Nationality: Mixed (Born in Japan)

❥ Personality: ENFP-A
❥ Sexuality: Bisexual / Poly

❥ Favourite Food: Gelato

❥ Favourite Drink:  Beer  (He doesn't drink anymore though, he's an alcoholic. Please don't use this for forum games or artwork.)

❥ Lineage: Aristocracy, Vampire hunter,  Vampire ancestry

❥ Elemental Affinity: Electricity / Lightning

❥ Family: Brandon, Jake, Michael, Max (Identical brothers), Roxie (Younger sister), Hil (Wife), Lacey, Luna, Leslie (Children)
Tom is Roxie's older brother and a large part of the main universe. Unlike his other four brothers, Tom lived with his little sister and grew up with her. When the family separated them, he never forgave himself for not being able to speak up to save her and continually has nightmares into adulthood.
As a teenager he dated Rose who ended up cheating on him weeks before he was planning on proposing to her. He eventually dated and married another close friend of Roxie's, Hil, and the two gained custody over Rose's daughter while she chose to run away with her then-girlfriend. Though he knew he may be poly, he never understood why his sister had so many members in her harem but tried to support her.
After watching a sad Movie, Roxie broke down to Tom and Brandon stating that she was terrified to lose them and was afraid she already had. For almost a year, Tom and Brandon lived with Roxie before moving back in to their own places again. Tom eventually came out to Roxie and Brandon, stating that he had a crush on his best friend and had no idea what to do. The three of them plotted and later, Tom introduced his family to his boyfriend, August.

Like the other four quintuplets, Tom's personality is distinct -- but even moreso due to the separation between his siblings for many years.  For the most part, Tom is caring and empathetic in every sense of the word. When he has an opinion, however, he's quick to defend it regardless of whether or not he's in the wrong. Even though he appears sweet, he is inflexible and has trouble submitting to others even when he's in the wrong.
If Roxie is having a marital dispute, Tom is very quick to come to her defense, even to a violent degree. 


  Ice Cream

Salty Foods

❥ Super hero comics

❥ Being a dad
❥ Gushy Romance

❥ High school relationships

❥ Her sister's boyfriends (Until he gets to know them)


❥ Cheaters

  • Tom is easily scared by horror games, his sister makes fun of him for it.
  • Tom smokes like Brandon and Michael.
  • Roxie throws water on his face when she catches him smoking.
  • He also briefly struggled with alcoholism.
  • Tom gave Roxie the nickname "Roxie" When she was a baby.  He heard it in a movie and would argue that his parents were saying it wrong. Roxie never really went by Roxanne because of it.
  • Tom had many one off dates after Rose broke his heart
  • His last daughter was born on June 17th 2017
  • Since polygamy and Polyandry are legal where he lives, he plans to propose to August
  • Everyone knew he was poly before he did, including his wife.
  • Tom can't stand seeing people cry, he starts crying too.

Brandon Matalic

Relation:  Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Even though Brandon is the most mature, Tom often assumes the position of leader. Tom is the closest to Brandon out of all of his brothers, as they tend to be the most rational of the five. As kids, Brandon and Tom were quick to leave out anyone who wasn't one of the quintuplets, including their little sister. The two were relatively close, spending most of their time together rather than being with the other three boys. When the children were forced into foster care, Tom and Brandon were taken in together, then later Max joined them.
As adults, Tom has a hard time understanding Brandon's lack of drive to be there for his kids, or his lack of desire to maintain his relationships.
In 2014 / 2015, Roxie had ended up watching a movie that made her realize that she was afraid of losing her brothers and that she wanted the relationship with her brothers that she never had. As a result, both Tom and Brandon moved in with her and asked to share a room.
Michael Matalic
Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Tom and Michael clash the most out of any of the brothers. They rarely spend time together alone, simply because the two are very opinionated on opposite sides. Michael was rather quiet as a child, and went along with Tom's games. The two would get along rather well until he and Roxie had a falling out due to Michael's shift in personality. Tom took sides with his sister which caused a rift between the two of them. Though they're on better terms, they're not as close as they could be.

Jake MatalicRelation:  Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Tom and Jake are close as one might imagine for twins. The two rarely clash, but Tom often foils Jake's antics, much to Jake's dismay.Jake, Tom and Max are usually tasked with cheering someone up as they're all relatively well versed in comedy, pranks etc. Tom often foils Jake's pranks, even in adulthood and makes fun of him for never being in a relationship.

Max MatalicRelation:  Twin / Quintuplet Brother
Max is Tom's next favourite brother, as he's much more laid back than the other two drama queens. The two often deliberate on how to deal with certain situations. Tom used to be jealous of Max, as he appeared to be the favourite brother for all the siblings. Tom and Max grew up together and lived together for longer than most of the other brothers. As adults, Tom gets jealous thinking Max is the favourite brother.

Roxie Matalic
Relation: Younger Sister
Tom and Roxie have spent the most amount of time together, as they travelled together for a year when they were kids. Because she's the only sister and the only non-quintuplet, Tom takes pride in their closeness, but is often worried that Max may be her favourite brother. Roxie lowkey favours Tom the most. Roxie and Tom grew up together, even after the others left. The two are extremely close, though they do clash every now and again. When Roxie was twenty, she watched a movie that made her realize she wanted a regular relationship with her brothers, specifically Tom. She was afraid to lose him (Since the older brother died in the movie) which caused him to live in her basement. The two get along really well, as Tom often uses what he knows about Roxie to connect with her romantic interests later in life.
Rosetta LightningRelation:  Ex-Girlfriend / Mother of Lacey
Post-Breakup, Tom took many years to finally be able to be in the same room as Rose. They rarely speak but they're on significantly better terms. Before they broke up, Tom and Rose lived together and were ready to tie the knot. Rose and Tom had known eachother from a young age. Even though she played very often with his sister, the two got to know eachother very well and Rose grew to have a crush on him. When Rose and Roxie were twelve, the two were in a music group together, Rosetta being backup vocalist and guitar and it was at this time that her and Tom started going behind Roxie's back to meet. By the time she was fifteen, the two were convinced of their relationship and promised marriage to the other. When Rose was sixteen, however, 19yo Tom was expected to propose. The engagement never came, much to Rose's frustration. While conducting an experiment with Aimee, Rose ended up cheating on Tom with Emerald and let it slip to Roxie. Even though she was asked to keep out of it, Roxie told her brother which led him to break up with her on the spot. Rose and Em disappeared from sight for a few months only to re-surface shortly after, revealing that she was pregnant. Rose gave birth to Lacey shortly thereafter. With concerns that Rose wasn't a strong parental figure, Roxie helped Tom get full custody of Lacey with his fiancee at the time.
Hilary MatalicRelation: Wife
Hil was Tom's first wife in his poly relationship. She's always been open to him doing what he wanted as she claims it helps with their relationship. She was one of the first Tom came out to, and later supported his decision to be in poly relationships like her best friend. Tom's wife and Roxie's best friend. Though Hil was originally interested in one of Roxie's boys, she ended up falling for Tom shortly thereafter. The two don't live together full-time and claim it helps with their relationship. She eventually gave birth to their second child, Luna.She consider Lacey to be her own. On June 18th 2017, Hil gave birth to Leslie, their third child together.
August Torres1198662?Relation: Boyfriend
Relationship: August is Tom's first boyfriend and best friend. The two like hanging out and talking or playing video games. August is extremely traditional and therefore doesn't like to kiss Tom in front of other people which causes him to be teased by Tom. The two were extremely close and Tom eventually fell for him which made him realize that he was bi. His wife was supportive, due to her exposure to Roxie's polyamory all her life. The two began to date in 2015, and stayed together.The two were extremely close and Tom eventually fell for him which made him realize that he was bi. His wife was supportive, due to her exposure to Roxie's polyamory all her life. The two began to date in 2015, and stayed together.