Design Trades.:Closed:.



2 years, 4 days ago

Basic Info

Please be sure to check my Trello!


What's a design trade?
A design trade is kind of like an art trade! You essentially make a custom character design for the each other! Sometimes its pure "surprise!" and other times both people give things they wanna see in the design! Its a lot of fun to do these trades, I recommended trying it with someone some time!

Things to note
🌺 Please don't be upset if I decline!
🌺 I can't stress this enough: please send examples of your designs. Don't tell me to look through your gallery, send examples of your designs. It makes things a lot easier!
🌺 If I accept, I'm going to say some things that I'd like to see in the design!
🌺 Do tell me what you prefer designing/what you don't want to design! Things like if you don't so Sonic, humans, etc
🌺 The character I design for you will be hand drawn {no base.} You don't have to do the same thing though, your fully allowed to use a base! {Just no doll maker things nor using a base that comes with absolutely everything- does that make sense? If not ask cause I'm not great at words lol}
🌺 After I finish, I will post your character here and send the transfer to you!
🌺 BE AWARE: the finished design art will also be thrown into the tab here to provide examples. There will be a link on the character to your 

Designs I do
🌺 Sonic
🌺 Anthro/Furry
🌺 Feral/Four legged animals
🌺 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
🌺 Humans
🌺 If your unsure on something, don't be afraid to ask!