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Hey welcome. Please read all my rules and follow them before entering my toyhouse :D

I'm always open to offers on my ocs unless they are foreverhomed.

My storage account is Dreamii_rin

If you need to contact me for faster replies my discord is rin_dream#5312 or my carrd with my socials is on my profile^^

Please do not
  • Offer on keomi, phantom or rin and you will absolutely be ignored 
  • Trade anything I've traded to you to anyone on my Blacklist
  • Copy or steal any of my ocs(colorpicking is fine as long as they look different).
  • Use my ocs art without permission.
  • Draw any NSFW of my ocs I'm a minor.
  • Ask for a closed trade I now only do them with friends.
  • Offer on my ocs and then ghost me after, if you don't wanna trade just say nty or no sorry it can be a bit frustrating.
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