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I’m currently changing descriptions and sorting things, please be patient!

Feedback on changes are greatly appreciated (specifically with descriptions and tags)

Hi hi!! This is the sales account for VulpineCreature_Coin, here you’ll find characters available for trade, sale (no irl currency), and free! 

I don’t check this account much so just tag my main if I don’t respond for 24 hours!!

If you are unable to read the folder descriptions due to reading disabilities or if English isn’t your first language I highly suggest using Google translate to either read the text out loud, or translate into your language! 

PLEASE properly read the folder descriptions before offering, I’ve had way too many people who don’t read and end up getting declined.

I have tags for species, genders, and price ranges for your convenience as well!

Little overview of what I have species wise. Furries, ferals, humans, humanoids, and Pokémon! 

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