Lacus Mare



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Lacus Mare

Low King of Fellowship

An idealist whose life goal is to foster friendships with everyone he meets, despite self-describing as a 'background character'. To this goal, he befriended the Egregore - an old-world AI matrix intent on destroying the Courts on behalf of its purged creators. Behind his cheery smile and nervous tics is a consuming fear of his inner identity - claimed by the eclipse, harbingers of change and uncertainty, everything surrounding him is sand between his fingers. When events take sour turns, he fills anxious hours with ritual magic circles and worship-filled chants to the Lunar Eclipse.




of the Lunar Eclipse


Litore Fluctus Contra Luna


Fomalhaut: An on/off again boyfriend. Foma's never home enough for Lacus to feel settled committing to a long-term relationship with him, but his charm and confidence win Lacus over whenever he's around. He'd offer to go on Foma's missions, but he's no combatant.

The Egregore: A close friend, though their initial meeting was rocky. Lacus regularly visits now - about once every few months - and listens to Eggy tell stories of the old world. In some ways, it's scary to hear about, but he's an eclipse thinker anyways so it's not out of left field. 

Lituna: His retainer, assigned to him when he was claimed by the Lunar Eclipse. They're close - having been through everything together - and Lituna acts as a maid/caretaker, primarily. He orders good for Lacus, keeps his stock of magical ink and scrolls high, and keeps his dorm clean when he's visiting Eggy.

Satevis: More Foma's friend than his, though Lacus likes to think they're on good terms. Satevis is generally quiet and not very forthcoming about the Court of Mire, which Lacus thinks is perfectly valid except he's soooo curious. 

Gloriana: His leader, the Empress of Sea. He mostly spoke with her once he was promoted to Low King, and occasionally to give updates on the Egregore. Otherwise, he has no real reason to reach out, and is secretly relieved.

Apolune: Lacus is worried for Apolune. He'd like to take a mentorship role on, but most of his friendships have involved Lacus being the underling and submissive one. He's deeply concerned about Apolune's plans and budding frustration against the Highers.


Lacus is not a fighter. He backs down from most combat and doesn't know how to wield most weapons. He carries around scraps of magic circles that create diversions or remove him from dangerous situations.

Relatively skilled, though solely in practical magery. Teleportation, telekinesis, conjuration, and transformation come easily to him. Under any sort of stress or panic, though, his training all but disappears.

He doesn't venture outside of his Court's locale often, and is relatively unfamiliar with the greater world of Seleighe. He has most maps fairly memorized, however, as well as fun trivia about places!

Lacus is talented in drawing magic circles and stick figures. They are very cute stick figures, granted, but that's it.


 Tarot Deck
Lacus' tarot heavily features eclipses, though it equally depicts solar and lunar. He consults it often, but struggles to read its messages.

A small journal Lacus records his thoughts in in daily. It was a gift from Lituna, his retainer.  

 Mechanical Wings
Wings are most often rented out to individuals who need to travel great distances, as teleporting becomes difficult at larger and larger coordinates. Lacus has a personal pair he uses almost exclusively to visit Eggy.

 Bag of Holding
An enchanted bag that can hold infinite items, and always procures what Lacus needs. It was a gift from the Eggy, a relic of the old world. Lacus usually forgets it in his dorm.