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 NAME  Gasher

 OCCUPATION  Soldier in the Sworm

 AGE  ~9,700 yo

 CURRENT HOST  Spec. 7th Gen. Frame

 SEX  He/Him Parasite

 HEIGHT  2m16 (in current host)

 RACE  War Parasite (7th Gen.)

 WEIGHT  150kg (in current host)

 CATEGORY  Support troups


Gasher may look a little too nice and shy to be part of something as huge as Sworm’s army, but don’t let it fool you: he’s a member of the elite squad for a reason. 

He would, however, rank much higher if it wasn’t for his lack of resolve and incapacity to give directions, but is quite content with his current position. 


  • his squad
  • being left in peace
  • writing
  • romance
  • soft fabrics


  • -
  • -
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  • His tail is always dragging on the floor since he can’t be bothered to lift it up
  • Gasher is the most average soldier you can get: he is good in every field, but an expert in none of them
  • His natural relaxed pose is slouched
  • Loves to write though is very bad at it
  • Soft-spot for romance, poetry and soft fabrics
  • Gasher’s favorite color is blue, and although that’s not the reason his squad uniform is that color, it’s a nice coincidence in his opinion


Displaying every sign of a true soft-touch, people always assume Gasher will be the weakest link of the squad: easy to manipulate or to convince to turn on his team. The reality is that Gasher is far from being naive and will shut down as soon as he figures out someone is trying to deceive him. If you ever reach that point: consider yourself out of his life forever. He has no time for people out of his inner circle and getting into it is difficult. 

Otherwise Gasher is stern-faced but easy to approach. Not much of a talker but happy to entertain a conversation thrown his way. He cares very strongly for the people in his life—to the point of dependency. He’s not one to engage unless somebody else makes the first move and he couldn’t take a decision even to save his own life. 

Chill but far from a pushover, Gasher does not cope well with solitude and is always seen flanking the other members of his squad (PĂ©nurie, Virzon, Scuttle). Next to them, Gasher appears forgettable and easy to miss, and likes it better this way.

Finally Gasher’s main personality trait is his resignation. He’s unbelievably quick to accept whatever fate or order PĂ©nurie, Virzon or Scuttle have decided for him and will almost never argue. If he does, they can easily convince him to do whatever they want. The only exception to this rule is when putting up with Scuttle‘s prank ideas (and even then—Gasher still embarking into them because he’s been told “pretty please” is not unheard of).


first deployment ➀ hitman

Like most war parasites from the latest generations, Gasher was dropped on his target planet, lost his original team there, and got picked up by random thugs to be used as their hitman. He did not fight any of this. To him it was still a better alternative than dying off on some random planet without getting the chance to see anything life has to offer.

hitman ➀ gladiator

To be fair Gasher could have continued as a hitman until someone took him out if it hadn’t been for Scuttle‘s institence he joined his and PĂ©nurie‘s team. Gasher had came to their fighting pit a couple times already, either to assist somebody or guard them for the event, but was not a fan of the place. Still, he needed somebody to guide him and Scuttle‘s joviality coupled with PĂ©nurie‘s charisma and power eventually won him over to their side.

Gasher was an absolute disaster as a gladiator. He was a good fighter but hated the attention, and was often seen happily hiding in PĂ©nurie and Scuttle‘s shadows. More often than not Gasher would rush down backstage as soon as his bout was done, not realizing his distanciation was actually what made his work alluring to his fans. 

He wasn’t one to indulge too often but certainly didn’t say no when the mood was up. 

Without Gasher, Virzon, their last squad member, would have never joined the team. It was him who nursed her back to relative health and his quiet and stern behavior that really anchored Virzon to the three of them.

gladiator ➀ soldier in the sworm

Later, when PĂ©nurie stroke her deal with Sworm, Gasher joined her army with no hassle whatsoever. Gasher is entirely satisfied with where he lives and what he does as long as he is with his squad.


  • indecisive
  • protective
  • subdued
  • considerate
  • indifferent
  • patient
  • unconcerned












SWORM  commander

Gasher already follows orders flawlessly among his Squad, so he's absolute gold soldier to his Warlord.

The two don't have much interactions apart from professional ones, and the only times Gasher is seen somewhat defying her is when Medien's safety is involved. He will not take the blame/a hit from Sworm for anyone else.

PÉNURIE  squad leader

Ultimately Gasher's loyalty lies with PĂ©nurie more than it does with Sworm. He's reliant on her guidance and decisions. She offers the lead he needs and in return, Gasher's presence and sensibleness bring PĂ©nurie a semblance of stability in her very chaotic mindset.

They rarely argue even when she treats him like trash: her insults and haughtiness flow like water over Gasher's back. He never retaliates and only defend his views when something big is on the line and about to deconstruct his routines.

When they're together is when PĂ©nurie is the most relaxed ; unconsciously helped by Gasher's pragmatism. He appreciates those rare, quiet moments very much for what they are, but as it's often an hassle to ground PĂ©nurie down, he nevers bothers seeking them out.

Even if PĂ©nurie is often seen treating Gasher like trash, she will not accept people insulting him. Her cold schemes and capacity for petty vengeance, coupled with her unpredictability, make others wary of messing with him.

SCUTTLE  squad member

Gasher provides Scuttle with impeccable companionship. As PĂ©nurie and Virzon are often very busy with their duties, and since Scuttle and Gasher are the two least sollicited of the Elite Squad, the latter tags along with Scuttle 90% of the time. The only moments they're seen apart is during rare solo missions. Otherwise Gasher is Scuttle's shadow.

Although Scuttle is really appreciated within Sworm's army, his general loudness and impredictabilty has made some parasites warry of staying near him for too long. Scuttle is never alone, and when he is: he has Gasher.

This is a very equitable relationship for them. Since he's loud, Scuttle takes the hit for most of their failures and/or repercutions, meaning Gasher can comfortably sit back and avoid accountability while someone else also takes decisions for him.

VIRZON squad member

Whereas Gasher's relationship with PĂ©nurie and Scuttle is an easy one to break down and analyse, the one he shares with Virzon is a little less straightforward.

Similarly to PĂ©nurie, Gasher is Virzon's stable ground: he appeases her with his presence and keeps her high-strung nerves in check. The main difference being PĂ©nurie usually wants and actively seeks danger and chaotic stupidity, contrary to Virzon who absolutely does not.

So where Gasher brings Pénurie stabilty, it's more a form of appeasement that he provides Virzon with. In return Virzon is fiercly protective of him, and considering the fear she conveys in the troups, other parasites rarely mess with Gasher in fear of Virzon's retaliation. 

MEDIENaffiliated son


Even if Gasher is chill and pragmatic, his little pride is very much present and he still knows he's high rank. He requires respect from his subalternes and won't hesitate to assert it with force if necessary.