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     A species of mystic creatures whose roles can vary depending on where they live and how they were born. Originally created to oversee humans in the role of Angels, some became more attached a bred with humans to create what they are now. They exist in a spiritual realm parallel to humans, but some prefer to live close to temples/shrines where humans worship dieties.

Capable of magic of all kinds, they are partial to shapeshifting and invisibility.

                                . RINGOX SPECIES TRAITS .

♦ Unlimited designs for rings, but they MUST have a central "core" floating close to sternum
♦ Any tail that doesn't fit under mutations
♦ Anthro legs/paws ONLY
Fox-like ears
Human faces
    .: C O R E   S H A P E : .        
The gems that hold the Ringox's iconic ring, located floating above their sternum, are called Cores. These cores are their heart and soul. As such, their shapes are just as representative of their soul as the rings they hold!
♦ Commonly, they are oval-shaped gems, however, they can also hold shape as a geode, within a rose, or even a carved diamond.

♦ They are always made of a stone-like substance, be it a precious, semi-precious, or standard stone.

    .: R I N G   S H A P E :.          
All Ringox cores hold a Ring. This ring is a manifestation of their soul and personality. This can be hidden within their core. They only have one their entire lifetime, so when it breaks it results in death. They are incredibly difficult to break, and can be made of many different substances such as glass or water all the way to heavy lead or metal.

♦ Rings can be one solid ring or naturally in pieces (such as a meteor cloud or necklace)

After the initial creation of the Ringox  lineage, three Deities came to fully develop the race as a whole. The  three became known as the Progenitors of Ringoxes. The three broke down  clasifications of Ringox into three types, being shown by the form of  their ring: Physical Form, Nature, and The Ethereal.

Classifying a Ringox' Ring
To classify a Ringox, one looks at their ring type:

Physical Form:  The ring of a Ringox is made of a more dense material, such a stone,  iron or gem. This form only shifts when the Ringox changes form entirely  (to their "divine lineage" form)

Nature:  Nature  rings are emotion based and may change form of Ringox when revealed OR  the ring itself may change slightly with emotion (shifting waters,  changing clouds, blooming flowers, etc).

The Ethereal: These rings are more metaphysical, transparent, whimsical and tend to  be made of energy. Ringoxes with these rings also tend to lean more  toward divinity in their lineage.

Each Ringox leans more toward one than the others. They can be a mixture while also leaning toward one specific classification.

If  a Ringox is a mix of classifications, it means the ring falls under  multiple categories. These Ringoxes are likely hybrids of some sort,  their parents being on the more "pure" end, or are human hybrids. Fear  not, this doesn't make them any less powerful! It just means they're not  as close to divinity.

Mixed Rings can be more unique than simply one or the other! There is no benefit or lack thereof for a Ringox to be a mix.

    .: F U R   A N D   S K I N:.          
The fur that covers Rinxoes is all that's left of their feral forms from the days of yore. 

♦ Arm fur can extend all the way to the neck, but may not go lower than the hands (like gloves), unless they are a human hybrid, in which case it is common to have bare hands.
Leg fur extends to the navel, but never below the first knee. This is a rule even for hybrids.
The fur can be dense and fluffy or thin and buoyant (like an otter). This is dependant on their environment, skills, and genetics.
Typically, hybrids have less fur, or thin fur. 

                                         . M U T A T I O N S .

Mutations are rare deviations of certain parts of Ringox. These are exclusive to adoptables/holiday specials!
You are not allowed to edit/add any of these traits to MYO slots.

Tailmouth-like tails
Multiple Rings
Multiple Cores
Core located in a place other than sternum/chest

                            . O T H E R    I N F O R M A T I O N .

♦ Ringoxes are omnivorous. Their tastes depend entirely on how they live and their own individual selves.
Their life expectancy is about 100-500 years, depending on their lifestyle and whether or not they live around humans. Average is about 250.
Ringoxes are extremely tall usually, tending not to go under 5'10"/178 cmShorter Ringoxes tend to be hybrids with humans or have human somewhere in their ancestry.
Hybrids are uncommon, as they have lower magic levels and are prone to health problems. They are easily pointed out due to lack of tails.
♦ Rings are a sign of status, as is a precious core. Ethereal, cloudy, or translucent rings are a sign of powerful magic or ties to divinity.


Mutations Examples TBD