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Raphael Rafflesia Yaka








September 10th




5' 11"

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Walden James ( Suabki, Fire Emblem // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KjGj9eV_bs )


Dust to Dust

Autumnus Umbra Mortalitas



  • His theme song is "Moonless Starry Night" from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
  • Though pacifist by nature, Raphael knows how to fight with long-range weapons such as staffs, glaives and spears. Just because his philosophy revolves around making peace does not mean he doesn't know how to stand up for himself.
  • Personality-wise, Raphael is a man who prefers logic and reason over emotion, but that isn't to say that he won't be motivated by what he feels. He knows how to separate the two worlds and follow his duties, and he knows very well when to take time for himself to collect his woes and all other else and to carry on. Such a thing is what happens to wanderers.
  • He doesn't want to admit he misses home, but he does make it apparent that the one thing he's hoping is that he's making his family and his village proud.
  • Raphael is not keen on taking any bullshit. He'll bite his tongue as he preforms his services but outside of that it's fair game up to a certain point. As much as he wants to spread the blessing of Yaka as his family did before he, there's only so much he can do for someone who thinks so little of him right off the bat.


  • How he got his axe is somewhat of a story. During his travels, he was accompanied by a warrior twice his size and triple his energy. Recognizing the Yaka, the warrior asked if he could accompany Raphael and protect him in exchange for blessing; the warrior's wife was dying and he needed to visit her as soon as he could. Raphael accepted and the two set off to travel. During their travels they were attacked by bandits, of which both Raphael and the warrior had made quick work of. Unfortunately, however, Raphael had lost his blessed staff in the fight due to deflecting a mortal blow meant for the warrior. After the battle was done and said, the pair had only made it a day more before the warrior had collapsed. Raphael had tried to help him, but it was on the warrior's deathbed that he had told Raphael the truth: His wife had died many years ago, and since then he had offered himself as a bodyguard to those who needed protection in honor of his wife's selflessness and undying kindness. The warrior's last request before his passing was for Raphael to take his axe, the Regalia, along with him on his travels.  Raphael reluctantly agreed and made sure to bless the warrior before he drew his final breath.
  • After what ceremony and ritual Raphael could pull together for the warrior, he then blessed the axe so that it would be his staff from there on out. The handle is decorated with ribbon embedded in rune as well as bells and a charm.


IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING: This is a very daunting read about Raphael's species, and you don't have to read all of it if you don't want to! At least 75% of this doesn't pertain to Raphael directly, it's just a place where I'm putting all of his species' information for now. The only parts you have to read are wherever the star (★) starts and finishes. Everything else is optional!

Raphael comes from a village of bird people known as Yaka. The Yaka are avian of which hold a kinship with Gaia and are believed to be direct children of her love, and as such they are gifted different roles depending on their immediate family. 

  • Puberty and adulthood is one of the most important aspects of Yaka culture. When a Yaka is born, they are given the name of their family and "Yaka" as a last name (so Raphael's name at birth was Rafflesia Yaka). It is instilled in the child that when the time of age comes and when Gaia deems them matured enough, that would be the special day of which the child will name themselves and they'll have a celebration for that special occasion (similar to a Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen) of which they have their own names. Normally the order of this is natural puberty, the Gift of Gaia, the name ceremony, a few years pass (these years will be when young Yaka go into pure full-time studying and apprenticing for the field of which they chose) and then the Yaka either sets off into the world or they stay within the village and pursue professional work/aiding the elders and eventually replacing them.

  • The Gift of Gaia is the moment in a Yaka's life when everything starts to become more serious. In Yaka culture and belief, Gaia is the spirit and love of the Earth they live on and they refer to her as Mother Gaia. She is the one who bestowed the first blessings onto the Yaka back in the days of old, and ever since it has been passed down through generations via the mother (the mother is what determines the Yaka born, and only one flower type can give birth to the same flower type. However, inter-flower type marriages and couples exist and stuff from the male is passed down! Just not the bird/flower type and GoG). Each family has a different type of power bestowed upon them:
    • Dictamnus can breathe fire
    • Limosella can breathe underwater and survive any airborne weaknesses
    • Myosotis can withstand almost any terrain due to their indestructible skin
    • Nemorosa can... have an ability once I think of one LOL
    • ( ★ ) Rafflesia do not have an ability. However, they are blessed with a ghost guardian that sleeps in their shadow and acts as an impromptu caravan for their belongings as well as an adviser over what they do in terms of helping people pass on. ( ★ )

  • And then finally we also have the horns, tail and ears. Truth be told, and this is me talking as the author to you, the reader, I haven't really thought this part out yet either LOL! If anything I think that at the very least the horns should be random, but if in the future I do want to make them have standard patterns, then these would probably be the following:
    • Dictamnus Yaka have ram-like horns and pride themselves on having bigger sets
    • Limosella Yaka have one unicorn-like horn at the peak of their forehead, and it symbolically acts like a guide/is a play on words of "keeping your head straight"
    • Myosotis Yaka generally have nubs on their heads but they grow with age as they do; there are adult and elder Myosotis that have stag-like horns that have multiple curves
    • Nemorosa Yaka have incubi/succubi horns that start from the back of their head and curve around their skull to the front. They normally adorn this with headdress and accessoriesto accentuate them and make them fashionable.
    • Rafflesia Yaka have devil horns that are gradient.

  • I legit have no idea what to do for the tails and ears at the time of writing so leave that to your imagination LMAO

The different types of Yaka are as follows:
  • Dictamnus Yaka - The Fire // Warrior // Fire Breath // Fire Bearded Vulture
    • The fighters and protectors of the Yaka. The strongest in terms of physical force, these Yaka often play rough with their friends and are headstrong and valiant. They have a sense of pride in their strength and have the biggest heart in terms of protecting others. Their clothes usually start off white but it's often a good omen for Dictamnus to don pink or red clothes to represent their dominant nature.
    • Due to their natural ability being able to breathe fire, their insides are always burning and their skin is warmer to the touch than most. Due to this, their muscles are more refined and prominent, and they have more energy than all of the other Yaka.
    • Their family adopted the Dictamnus name due to them being considered "flamable"; though not true of all Dictamnus Yaka, it's very easy to get a Dictamnus Yaka going and provoke them into doing something, be it fighting or partying or taking action. They often "explode" with emotion before heading into battle, thus they're dubbed to be like the "gas plant" Dictamnus.
    • Their color scheme is bright yellows, pinks, reds and blacks. They prefer to wear form-fitting clothing and have short haircuts.
    • Their wings are white feathers outlined black, and their wings start from their shoulder blades and span horizontally.
  • Limosella Yaka - The Water // Discoverer // Invincible Breath // Penguin
    • The explorers and historians of the Yaka; they excel at being scribes and researchers of the world around them. Patient and full of valor, the Limosella Yaka tend to wander past the lines on paper and go far and beyond in order to broaden the view of the world around them.
    • Their natural ability is their lungs and their organs are near invincible; they can dive deep underwater and go into the most poisonous of forests and their immunity to suffocation and all other air-borne devastation. Due to this, you can often find Limosella Yakas adventure past terrain where no other person has persisted past, all for the sake of their love for the environment. 
    • Limosella Yaka get their floral names from the Limosella plant, otherwise known as Mudwort. In flower language, mudwort translates to "tranquility" which highlights the Limosella Yaka's calm nature. They're particularly found in swampy areas, much like how the Limosella Yaka tend to blossom or prosper from the most unsightly places.
    • The Limosella colorscheme is various shades of blues, browns and greys. They prefer loose-fitting robes and clothing and they have a habit of keeping their hair long, pulling it up with either hair ties, pins, or other accessories.
  • Myosotis Yaka - The Earth // Alchemist // Unbreakable Skin // Kiwi

  • Nemorosa Yaka - The Wind // Merchant // blank // Hummingbird
    • Important to note, the full name of this family is the Anemone Nemorosa; they normally go by Nemorosa in order to fit the theme of two names, but when given a sliver of a chance to brag about how lovely their names are, they will usually take the chance to pounce on that and talk about how they're the most regal of the Yaka.
    • Nemorosa Yaka usually have eccentric and exotic hairstyles, ranging from undercuts to braids to dyed hair to anything else. They love to experiment with different looks and aim to look as though they're part peacock rather than part hummingbird.
  • ( ★ ) Rafflesia Yaka - The Cycle // Cleric // Guardian Spirit // Crane
    • Raphael's family. They are the most magically-embedded family of all Yaka, each Rafflesia born with an adept skill for magic. Their approach on religion and ceremonies are with the utmost respect and honor due to their inclination to become clerics for those who pass on. Acting as agents to help souls depart, Rafflesia Yaka tend to take up necromancy and the dark arts in order to also help wandering ghosts. 
    • While usually expected to become nomadic when they reach of age, it is not uncommon for Rafflesias to stay within the tribe in order to act as "angels of passing" for those who are dying. Outside of that, the Rafflesia family takes pride in them being wandering angels of passing and knowing that their family is doing their best to aid Mother Gaia and the souls that live on her.
    • This family picked the name Rafflesia a long time ago due to the fact that, in their culture, the flower represents the idea that life and death are both two sides of the same coin due to how the Rafflesia takes months to bloom and yet dies three days after it does.
      • Another reason as to why they were dubbed the Rafflesia is because they have a natural odor of rotting flesh and corpses. The reason for this is unknown beyond genetics, but the Yaka do not seem to mind; some believe of it to be a blessing since it is interpreted that those who have passed will protect the Rafflesias through their lives.
      • To mask this scent, the Rafflesia family have made a perfume that is made of crushed lilies and orchids. This covers the scent quite well and also makes the air around a Rafflesia quite soothing.
    • Rafflesia normally have a dark pink, dark purple, black and brown color scheme. They prefer low-maintenance haircuts and like to style it so that it keeps out of their eyes at all times. 
    • Their wings are white with dips of purple and pink, and they start from the ribcage/spine and dip downward much like how Raphael's does. ( ★ )


  • I'm not exactly sure what to do in terms of the ghost summon he has. The current ideas I have are the following:
    • When a Yaka has matured, they normally get blessed through some means of their family; for example, a pack of fighting-type Yaka could have pyrokinesis and whenever a fledgling spurts their first fire, they are then able to decide their namesake and hone in as to what they'd want to do before they decide to leave their village or to stay. For the Rafflesia they can be blessed with a guardian spirit of the long departed, an elder or a manifestation of a demon that willingly helps to judge the souls departing and thus help the Rafflesia with their rituals and services (kind of like a secretary but hiding in Raphael's shadows?).
      • To further this, we could take into account the "demon" influences of Raphael's design; the horns, the tail, the third eye and multiple eyes of the ghost spirit (which I assume was supposed to be what Raphael was supposed to turn into but I'm not going to do that b/c I'm much more attached to the idea of the ghost being a separate thing). 
      • Something in the back of my mind is saying that, in reality, the Rafflesia Yaka are bird people that help people dying come to pass but that that's all they do; the term "angels of passing" was given to them due to their wings and to their cause, but in reality they don't guarantee that whoever passed would go right to nirvana or the high heavens; they are more or less kin of Charon or Anubis (or tbh, in this realm, probably a fusion of both) in the sense that they are the messengers, the caretakers, the ones that help the departed onto the pedestal of judgement and then that's it, what's done is done and that's their duty. They're not there to comfort beyond the fact of "your time is coming".
      • Thus you have people from both sides; you have people who praise the angels of passing because they're the only ones who can help a departed soul rightfully find their way to peace, and then you have the people who shun them, wish to exorcise them of their ghost partner, and overall consider them a walking abomination that spits in God's/whatever deity's eye because how dare they be messengers of death
        • Hence why they stuck with the idea of "angels of passing". Somewhere in history that was the nickname given to Rafflesia Yaka and it plays three ways: The ones who herald the Rafflesias believe them to be "angels who help our love ones to pass", those who curse the Rafflesias believe them to be "angels who have come along during time of passing to play God", and then the Yaka themselves believe the Rafflesias as "angels who are simply passing along".
    • So to summarize now that I've typed it out, I'm going to run with the idea that Seth (the ghost's placeholder name) is, through Yaka culture, the "Gaia's Gift" that signified that Raphael had become of age to begin preparing for his journey in life and is more or less a whisper of guidance as well as Raphael's closest friend. Seth resides in Raphael's shadow and acts as storage for Raphael: Raphael stores his supplies and Regalia inside Seth's body and only Raphael can reach into his specter friend and take what he needs. Of course, there will naturally be some stuff Seth's body will reject, but that will be research for another time.
    • Seth can act as a shield, can hold physical objects in his hands, can hide on Raphael's body if in case of an emergency, can act as a "follow up" to Raphael's attacks (so say if Raphael punches, if Seth is his shadow then it gains an echo of power behind it) and among other things. It's important to note that this is only when a shadow can be cast, because otherwise then Raphael is all alone. 
      • Seth, at the time of writing, cannot be killed. Any attempt of killing him will default to him shriveling up into shreds of darkness and then skittering away to Raphael.

Skills, Strengths and Weaknesses

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Quick Roleplay Scenarios

  • Scenario 1
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  • Scenario 3

Trivia and Headcanons

  • Raphael has a singing voice that's lighter than his actual voice. He doesn't really care about the actual art of music or song, however, so he only ever really sings if someone either requests him to or if he needs it for his magic. My headcanon for his singing voice is Matthew Mercer's role of Shigure from Fire Emblem Fates. Clicking this link will take you to him singing, but be wary due to the fact that this song as well as the context behind it and the video is spoilers for Fates.
  • Along with his natural body odor, Raphael is also a bit self-conscious about his height and weight. While he is perfectly fine with how he looks and smells and he really can't even think of any way to alter his body that would make him even more happy, if someone prods at his height or his weight he'll most probably take it the wrong way. He doesn't understand why people would compliment him on how he looks since that's something out of his control and he never really had anything to do with his natural appearance. So of course if someone said "Your wings are too gawky!" he'd be kind of miffed, but if someone said "Wow, you're really tall! That's amazing!" then he'd be confused since his logic is "What's so amazing about being tall? I had nothing to do with that. My worth shouldn't be defined by something I had no control over". (Credit to starrmii for this headcanon! )
  • Not only does Raphael like to read, he also likes to collect books. He looks forward to finding the local book shop to peruse their collection and to find something new to add to his ever-growing library within Seth. It's become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for him, and while he'll usually try to find something new to read, he also slips into buying books just because they're aesthetically pleasing or nice to the touch or eye despite not having an interest in reading them. ( Credit to catwolf1266 for this suggestion! )
  • Although he doesn't really have a problem smelling like rot, he does feel pangs of regret and shame whenever someone points it out due to him self priding on being as clean as he can be.
  • Raphael prefers warmer temperatures to cold, but so long as he can get adequate clothing then he won't complain too much.
  • He really likes fish and fruits. Meats are alright, and he'd very much rather not eat birds. He also favors insects such as grasshoppers and spiders, but only when cooked. He does not like things such as larvae and any kind of worm



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