Heya, I was wondering if this gal was up for swaps/trades! I'm not sure if your emotes are up to date since i saw some crowns in the UFS folder

She is open for offers! usually the symbols are more an indicator on how picky I will be for the character, so for her I would be kinda picky ^u^;

I have a swap I could offer! You can also look in my UFS/UFT folder ^^


Depending on the worth of the OCs you might like, I can try to add on usdย 

You have some really cute characters! Sadly I didn't really see anyone I'd use much, so sorry! And I'm honestly just looking for trades for her since I received her through a trade as well ^u^ i appreciate the offer though! ๐Ÿ’–

Thanks for considering๐Ÿ’•

Would this girl interest you? https://toyhou.se/8444101.-even-

They're super cute! But I don't really see myself using them too much, so sorry! ^u^

No worries thanks anyways!

Hey there mega interested feel free check my th! I got some cityking designs!

I didn't see anyone i'd use much! so sorry! ^u^;
I appreciate the offer though! <3