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These characters belong to ADumbDoq, Mulch, Dionysius, Doq 

If they are seen without these names they are stolen. 

Do not offer for those with an ❌


: I only hold characters for two weeks. After that I will put the characters back up for trade.

2: You may not retrade the character till after a month of owning it.

3: No selling the character for more than you got the character for unless you got more art of them.

4: You must finish your part of the trade first before I send my part.

5: Must have proof of onwership of the character if offering them to me. If not I wont be trading with you.

6: Have to be 18+ to get characters that have NSFW art from me.

Things I'm Interested In Are: 

red faced characters, canine ocs, monster ocs, hq art, mq art, mq adopts , 

You will suffer the wrath of Doq  if you are found guilty of theft

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