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Hi, Do note I have characters who contain various things that can be triggering such as abuse/abusers, murderers, and similiar people, I also have a few characters with illnesses some who have my own and some who do not have illnesses I have, Please do not browse my profile if you are uncomfortable with people who write these things, It is something I have begun/will be doing in a way to create characters, world's, etc. Unique to each of their universe's I am not my characters and they do not represent my morals, I do not condone those actions in reality however I do not want to always have just goody two shoes characters I can't connect with because the stories are similiar and repetitive. Much like TV shows, movies, etc. characters aren't always polite, kind people, Same as in reality.

Each character should have a warning should any of this content be on their page. 

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