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Gosh your work is amazing!! 😳😳

Thank you <3

hey thanks for more favorites 

Wait did you just gift me a oc? I'm so late but I'm so both confused, WAHH YOU'RE AM IDOL TO ME AND MY HEART MELTED ♥️♥️

I just checked my transfer history and I didn’t ;; You may want to check the OCs ownership history though !~

And thank you <3 that means a lot ;;

Im more excited to be here talking to you but was the oc gifted by accident or not? Bc it was out of the blue to see him in my notifications but I'll return him if it's a accident!<3 I'm more happy talking to my favorite artist. 

Sorry about this^^ like I'm just so lost about this situation, since I wasn't expecting that notification I needed to ask since I accidentally cleared my notifications. Dum old me 👁️👁️💧but I'll check the transfer history!

No worries ! But I have no idea who transfers my designs around anymore. ^-^' Best of luck trying to find out though !~And hopefully it's not a mistake/misclick/etc c:

Hello there, sorry to bother but how do you animate so well?? Your animation and art are so clean and smooth it would take a lot of patience for me to make anything like that :0 you're so talented and I really want to animate and tween well

I use SAI ver. 2, CSP, and PS to animate.


Saw you on forums and noticed all your interesting ocs, if I wasn't such a coward I would have asked to rp with you haha. You have a new subscriber tho!

I’m not too picky on RP partners haha ^-^’ I’ll give anyone a chance so long as the ocs pair well together c:

Ah heck that's great! I find it hard to find people who aren't haha. I was interested in hiroko, i also read up on your forum that you had a terrible situation involving mxf ships and I would like to say I'm super sorry that happened! I've been meaning to try and expand my rp partners just a little bit as i only ever rp with my best friend. So reading that information on your forum made me think i can definitely try with you

Yeah, it made me leave the shipping and RP scene for 4 years after it happened. Just left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. But yeah! Go ahead and DM me.

Oh yikes that bad /: well I'm glad you decided to try it again! I hope to be able to rp with you! I'll send you a note now!

Thank you for the favorites! I'm really touched ;v; <3

thank you so much <33

thank you for the faves! <3

Thank you for the faves on my kids! The love is appreciated, made me smile today (needed that).

Thanks for the faves! They’re really appreciated ^^

Thank you so much for likes! Ill check out all of yours in a sec

Thanks for the favs!

Thank you for the favorites.

Thanksfor the faves!

Thanks so much for the fave/s, appreciated :)

Thanks for the favorite 

I use SAI Ver. 2 & Photoshop and thank you <3

Thank you for all of the favorites????


Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for all the faves. Your designs are really cute as well. ^^

thank you !

You're welcome!

thank you so much for all the favs :3 you have some super cute designs as well!

thank you <3


I'm happy to see that you like my characters! I had a bad day and you cheered my right up!

<3 happy to have helped ~

Thank you for the faves :)

Oh my. Thank you. 

Uh, wow, thanks for all those faves. Your OCs seem super-cute, love the animations

thank you <3

you have a lot of hot ocs   

thank you <33

Thank you for all the faves! ^^)/ <3


Thank you kindly for the faves!

Thanks for the many faves 0.0

Feel free to follow if you want to see more about them in the future :0

thanks for the love!! ;u;

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Thank you so much for the favs!! ;; o ;; <3


Thank you so much for the faves!!! It means a lot! <3

60 FAVS Golly thank you so much!! That is a lot of favorites ;^;

I don’t usually do this but dAMN thank you so so much for all of the favourites!! It means the world to me, I really appreciate it!!

thanks for all the faves omg... bless u

Tysm on the favs of my beromimis, means the world to me, we work a lot for them ;-;

thank you for all the love <3

Thank you for all the favs! I really appreciate it!

Usually I don't thank for faves and just appreciate them, but heck, 17? That is very kind of you to do!~ Thank you~

Thanks for all of the favorites ♡

Thank you for all the faves! <3

Thank you for the faves~!

So many faves surprised me! Thank you for that ;o;


Thanks so much for having a bunch of my adopts. Appreciated!

Thankyou so much for all the faveroutes!!!


Thank you for your favorite on my Death Flower, Naruana. :)

That's a lot of faves! Thanks.

Thank you so much for favouriting my characters!

Thank you for all the favorites~!

Thanks for the favorite!! :D

Thanks for faving my derp kiddos!
i hope we can be friends <3

Thank you for the faves! It warms my heart to know you love so many of my characters ♥

I also love your art a lot! Hope we can draw together sometime! 


It made my day to see all the favs so thank you! <3
I hope you have an amazing day!

thank you so much for all the faves! <3


Ty for all the faves<33 I really appreciate it uwu


wow, thank you so much for all those faves, glad you like my characters os much!!   


Thank you so much for all the favourites!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! <3


Thank you for the favs! <3 Hope you have a great day!

you too <3

thanks for the favorites<3


Thank you for all the faves!



Thank you so much for all the favorites!

Your characters are super cute too!

 i'm not that well-known haha, but i appreciate it <3

Wow, thank you for all the hearts!!


thanks for the favorite !! ^v^

you're welcome !~

Thank you for sub^^

Thanks for the favorite 

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