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Selling Designs [OPEN]

Posted 3 months, 28 days ago by Akatix

Selling some critters that have been sitting in my sales/trade account for quite a while!

- All prices are in USD

- You're welcome to haggle, split with art, etc

- Characters will only be transferred once payment is received.

$25 https://toyhou.se/1053469.svante-noodle-dragon

$10 https://toyhou.se/1116433.lynx-lady

$5 https://toyhou.se/1116436.cs-goatlok-offer-


New Toyhouse Account!

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago by Akatix

I had one last code so used it for myself lol

hopefully this will keep my profile here cleaner, go see;


For all characters I plan on trading or selling! I'm still organizing them a bit better, but eventually they'll all featured what I'm looking for individually or what I'll be selling them for. 


Have at'r! <3