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Howdy! I’m Alduinsecretfire, and this is were I store my characters! Since they’re my characters, a few rules go with them. I’d appreciate it if you could respect them. 

~Don’t claim my characters as yours for any reason. 

~Don’t trace/steal any of the art that my characters have. I don’t care if I drew it, my friend drew it, or it materialized out of thin air, the pieces ain’t for you to trace

~Don’t draw any NSFW of my characters. Just don’t, man. Not only am I a minor, but that is incredibly rude/violating

~Don’t offer on anyone out side of the Sale/Trade folder; it’s there for a reason, people! 

~Some of my characters have dark things associated with them, such as drugs, insanity, violence, gore, etc. Yeah, I’d very much appreciate it if you didn‘t comment on their profiles telling me to remove those things. However, if you see something like this that isn’t tagged/spoiled, please let me know! I don’t wanna make someone freak out on accident. 

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