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Heya, I don't know what happened but a lot of people faved my fursona out of nowhere 2 hours ago, may I ask if there's anything going on?

do you mean Kip? well it just seems that a lot of people like the design! I saw it at my home page and thought they were really cute so I faved em! That's probably what happened with other people too, since it is a gorgeous bean ^^

Haha ty! Sorry İ git a little confused when İ saw that so much people faved her in like 20 minutes

it's all good haha I would be overwhelmed myself!


omg I'm so sorry, I don't know how I didn't notice, I seriously apologize :')

OH okay I know how I didn't notice- the one I faved was a character made by a friend of mine. I put all of her designs into my dreamies folder. I am really sorry and hope you're not too mad at me <3


thanks for the fav on heather :)

you're welcome ^^

thanks for the favorite <3

you're welcome! ^^

ty for the fav on Beetle!!🥺🥺

you're welcome ^^ I luv him uwu <3

obrigada por favorita o Skinner <3

no problem! ^^


No problem! I really love em uwu <3 you too!

Thanks for the fave on my selfsona, Kira the Oni. Appreciated!

you're welcome! I just love her design and everything ^^

Glad you do, that makes me so happy to hear.