Legends say that, one day, in a time long gone and a place long forgotten, a girl ascended into godhood in a quest to revive her brother. However, the power was too much for her frail mind, and she was now uncontrollable. In an effort to diminish the destruction she was causing, massive amounts of magic users sealed her away in what is now called the "Cursed Continent", the home she loved so much and yet razed to the ground in an instant.

The magic used to seal her was so massive that it caused a strong imbalance in the world, and what used to be known as "Earth" was split in two. Half of the land soared up above the clouds, and the rest stayed under. The two worlds would quickly forget about each other.

("Universe B" is a collection of stories and characters I made after 2012. All the stories are loosely related and take place in the same world, but at very different times and places.)