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Final Chance Weyr

Posted 6 months, 3 days ago by Archaicraven

At the start of a long Interval, a virulent disease breaks out among dragonkin. While three of every four infected whers eventually recover, the disease is fatal for dragons and flits without exception. Highly contagious and able to be carried between dragonkin by humans too, quarantine is entirely ineffective. It soon becomes clear that dragons will imminently go extinct, and a radical plan is devised to avert this. Three gravid queens will go forward in time, laying there eggs in a time when, it is hoped, the disease will have died out.

Now the dragons have reached adulthood, and the second generation of new dragons have begun to hatch. Tensions continue to rise: Fort Hold is not content with their five stolen dragons, and have sent delegates to the Weyr in an attempt to claim more. Syrim Hold, home of pirates, seeks dragons for their own as well.

OOCly, our first site anniversary is in March! We'll have contests to create a wher rank and a dragon subspecies, and a Gather event with both IC and OOC prizes. (Not to mention the gold hatching.) We're also working toward opening Fort Weyr as a second PC location!