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I'm depressed. please go easy on me.

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Don't leave me alone.

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01 残酷な天使のテーゼ
02 魂のルフラン
04 Decisive Battle
05 Beautiful World
07 Fly me to the moon
08 次回予告

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Name: Arlie Keaton
Nickname(s): Arlie, Arlie-Barley, Hime, Bunny
Age: 20
Birthday: 04/23/97
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She, Her
Height: 5'3"
Species: Human
Likes: Kawaii Things, Physical Contact, Travelling, Meeting New People, All Walks of Life, Adventure, Salty Foods, Nintendo & Square Enix, Anime/Manga, Soup, Salad, & Sammys
Dislikes: Licorice, Being Handheld (fig.), Abulia (self), Driving, Being Alone
Hobbies: Drawing Anime, Singing, VGs, etc.
Skills: Drawing, Animation, Video Games (JRPs), Sports (Swimming), Singing, Cooking, Sewing, Decor, Crafting

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Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy your stay and my art! Please don't be afraid to talk to me, I love meeting new people!
If you have any art related questions then feel free to ask! If you are interested in my portfolio/commissions, please go scroll down for my commissions and terms of service! If you ever have any questions about character rights or changing or anything, please let me know and we can discuss it privately! I'm very loose with my chara terms (depending if it's a species or not) so please don't be shy or nervous to ask!
My dream is to one day be a sucessful animator/comic illustrationist!

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  • My favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Mystery Dungeons, Pokemon, LOZ, Final Fantasy, and Many obscure titles.
  • Although I love cute things, I am very intrigued by things that scare me and things I don't understand.
  • It's very very very hard to offend me, so please don't worry too much when talking to me! c:
  • I'm a very nervous person when it comes to not wanting to upset or put off anyone, so I tend to put my "foot in my mouth" often without meaning to and I hope you'll forgive me!
  • I love to meet with and chat with new people all the time, so please feel free to send me a PM or comment below!
  • I love healthy foods but I don't really consider myself a health nut, I just recently got into chia seed drinks ❤


What programs do you use/recommend?
      I use a handful of programs; SAI, CSP, & CS6 mostly for illustration. I highly recommend all three! SAI I use for lineart and sketches and some coloring, CS6 I've been slowly transitioning toward using for lines and color but mostly for editing, and CSP mostly for animations (as it has an animation software built in if you have the PRO version) and alittle bit of drawing but not as much. I recommend keeping this site: http://www.clipstudio.net/en  in your favorites at all times when they have a sale (which they frequently do, they're very generous) and remember to get the PRO version at least!!

How long have you been drawing?
      Since age 11 to today! Although I've been studying/practicing a lot more seriously since 11th grade. Self taught all the way, I try to keep myself busy by doing exercises on anatomy and value (2 of the most important things to practice when trying to better your art!).

Do you currently go to school for art or take classes?
      Sort of, currently I go to community college and took 2 art classes but the professor was a passive/aggressive butthole so I didn't do so great in them, so I've been on a break. However, I've always self-taught in my downtime and I've been practicing with "Bridgeman's guide to anatomy" which has been VERY helpful. I don't plan on going to an art college/university just because I can learn everything they have to offer for MUCH cheaper and if it helps persuade you: GhostBri I recommend you give this a read. I had already talked with a bunch of my friends who've attended colleges in the same vein and have talked to people who have gone to art colleges or are successful in the art industry and they've said the same. It really boils down to do you have the time/money and will you put the effort in. Art isn't a talent someone is or isn't born with, it's a skill you make of yourself just like riding a bike or learning to drive or learning to speak. Eventually you'll learn to instinctually do it but if you hone it you will be able to make it into something of your own.

Who are your favorite artists/styles?
      Pidgeon666, Kawacy, Flufferbun, too many artists to count lol. Also my favorite mediums are Watercolor, Painting, Digital. If you just look up pidgeon666 then that's my all time fav style, anime with more realistic anatomy and focus on form and color.

I'm interested in one of your characters, can i offer on them?
      Unless they're in my "FT/FS" (For Trade/For Sale) folder, then no, they're not for offer. Please don't offer on them either as I'll most likely just ignore it. I do have free character designs but they are all in the"freebies" character ONLY. Please do NOT ask me if any other character is free as I have been asked in the past. Please, if you're interested in one click on them and view their description, it lists what I'm looking for in terms of offers.

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WOW look at that babe! they're a swell one :'3c
One of my very good internet friends~

Please go check them out!


One of my many wonderful students! Look at em grow they do so good!! Very proud of this one, they're very nice too, go check em out!!


A really good friend of mine from dA, I hope I can meet them in person one day!! Really funny memer.


A pink friend!! Ya she dope yeetttttt, great animator, even greater friend :'D please go check her out! She's got this comic (or video game?) she's makin!! It looks super cute and amazing!!

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Heather - Keaton - Membi


Cura - Paraiba - Ester

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