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Hi! I’m ArtzyCookie!

Please do not steal my characters, trace art or heavily copy designs!

Some characters art may include gore/blood or triggering topics!

Please click the toggle spoiler for my DNI and the second one for triggers!


WARNING: Mentions of dni criteria, as well as things that may be triggering to others 

DNI if you are
 homophobic, lesbianphobic, transphobic, etc
✧ racist/sexist
 talk about sexual things often/NSFW artist, etc
 or support pedos/MAP’s/zoophiles/incest/r*pe
 unsupportive of furries/therians/people who kin characters (the SFW ones)
 or supportive of people who trace, steal, copyright art and designs
 or support people who sell NFT’s. (Non-fungible tokens)
 faking mental/physical illnesses
 that’s all I can think of rn so there may be more that hasn’t been added!


Most triggering (please try not to mention or show me these)
✧ death
✧ sexual stuff
✧ Random and unexpected loud noises and humans screaming in agony/pain/distress/etc; makes me super uncomfortable and anxious

Mentions are ok
✧ Talking about having a heart attack; this is mostly just when i say it, you can say it but please not too often
✧ Flashing images; hurts my eyes lmao,,, flashing images/gifs are ok as long as they don’t go too fast
✧ Excessive blood/gore/injuries; blood and minor gore on art is fine but please don’t show me scars/open wounds especially if they are real, it’s gross and makes me uncomfortable!
✧Throwing up; Mentions are ok but please don’t show me images and stuff because it makes me feel really gross and sick,,, and please don’t talk abt it in heaps of detail,,,

Not so triggering but would rather avoid anyway
✧ Calling me pet names without permission lmao,,,
✧ Calling the things/characters/comforts I obsess over derogatory things, teasing them and calling me stupid for liking them
✧ Calling me derogatory shit in a mocking/rude manner (teasing is ok to an extent)
✧ Literally the words 'Thanos' and 'snap' (IK IM SO WEIRD BUT WHEN PEOPLE SAY IT, IT ACTUALLY MAKES ME ANXIOUS) depending on context
✧ Mentions of necks being snapped or broken,,, depends on context too

Thanks for reading and hopefully understanding, welcome to my toyhouse! Have a good day or night!

Below is my blacklist, you may not sell any designs to these people what so ever!

Ozza_wowie Ozzay/Ozzanpa/Ozza_wowie/Sketch purposely triggering my sister and I multiple times ON PURPOSE after being told to stop, causing unnecessary drama, also anti-feminist and disrespects tone indicators, generally a shitty person and makes me uncomfortable

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