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Hi! I’m ArtzyCookie!

Please do not steal my characters, trace art or heavily copy designs!

Some characters art may include gore/blood or triggering topics!

Please click the toggle spoiler for my DNI!


WARNING: Mentions of dni criteria, as well as things that may be triggering to others 

DNI if you are
 homophobic, lesbianphobic, transphobic, etc
✧ racist/sexist
 talk about sexual things often/NSFW artist, etc
 or support pedos/MAP’s/zoophiles/incest/r*pe
 unsupportive of furries/therians/people who kin characters (the SFW ones)
 supportive of the dsmp(?); they’ve done/said bad shit and go against my dni criteria
 or supportive of people who trace, steal, copyright art and designs
 or support people who sell NFT’s. (Non-fungible tokens)
 faking mental/physical illnesses
 that’s all I can think of rn so there may be more that hasn’t been added!

Thanks for reading and hopefully understanding, have a good day or night!

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