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Hello!! I want to keep my profile a nice and safe place for everyone, so please stick to the following rules!

Art credit: h0n3yvvv

Please Do Not

  • COPY MY CHARACTERS!! Taking inspiration is alright, but straight up copying my characters' backstories/designs is something for what I will make sure to hunt you down.
  • HEAVILY TRACE/REFERENCE MY ART. Again, taking inspiration is alright, and I'd even be fine with you redrawing a piece of mine in your style, but please make sure to properly credit me if you do so.
  • COMPARE MY CHARACTERS TO OTHER EXISTING CHARACTERS. Please... I don't see the point of this. It only ruins my mood. I know how much effort, time, and research I'm putting into my OCs, so please respect that.

Content Warnings

  • SOME OF MY CHARACTERS MIGHT CONTAIN SENSITIVE TOPICS such as religious controversies (think of occultism, cults, paganism), different kinds of abuse, or mental illnesses. Please keep in mind that I DO NOT encourage/condone such actions in ANY way. It is there merely for background purposes. As for the mental illnesses, I make sure to do my research on them, but in case you find something wrong with my research, please DM me and point out my mistakes. I'm putting LOTS of effort into my works/characters, but nobody is perfect, after all.
  • IF YOU WANT TO DRAW MY CHARACTERS, FEEL FREE TO! Just please... don't make NSFW art of them without my knowledge. Otherwise, feel free to draw them and show me the finished drawing! I'd LOVE to see (and worship 🛐) it!

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