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Hello I couldn't quite find anything on your profile but with this whole quarantine situation would you be down for an art trade?

Yeah, why not! But I'll probs only color a sketch if thats fine with you. What do you want me to draw? You can draw whoever you want(even my friends chars would be ok uUu)

that sounds great! Honestly i'm fine with any of my characters, just who ever catches your eye and color sketch is fine


i'll send a photo transfer over and comment whenever I finish~

yo yo i sent my half over as an image :)

Imma just pop in here and say your art style is really cool and I like it a lot

Oye thank you so much!!♡♡

i love ur art style n ur chars r so cute! i was wonderin if i could draw one of em in my free time? i'd link u n stuff of course ^^

oh SURE! I'm always more than happy to see my characters drawn! 



np! Great character!

i really like your art style! Are you doing commissions((and if so do you take points?))

Ahhh dude I'D LOVE TO SO MUCH BUT I Can't atm .. ;-; sryy

it's ok! I understand completely! I'll keep an eye out in case you ever can!

Thank you again for the pic from the draw thread! <3

Np! ;A; Very glad ya like ah

i love your art!

Ahh thanks so much! <3