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Sorry it's late message but thanks so much for art of magic x

No problem!! Congrats on winning the Hunger Games :D She was fun to draw ^^

Thanks for the art of Steph!  I love it! its son Cuuute x3

No problem! Happy you like it as always <3

Thanks for the favorite 

No problem, thanks for the favourites as well! ^^

Ohhh thanks for the art of Rim! Like always its so cuuute x3

No problem!! And like always, I'm so glad to hear that you like it! Makes me really happy ; v ;// Your characters are lovely to draw <33

Ohhh thanks! ;w;

And thanks for drawing the twin of Rim! You're art of Mir Is so cute x3

You're welcome! I wanted to draw both of them so that the art can match haha c: (I didn't realize until after I finished drawing that Mir is just Rim but with the letters reversed xD)

Thanks its perfect! X3

(XD yes its that) 

Thanks for the art of Tsuyo I love it *-*

No problem! Happy to hear that you like it <3

thank you for the fav n-n you have so gorgeous characters!

No problem && same to you, you have lots of pretty characters too! ^^

AHHH Thank you for the favs!!!! ;w;

No problem!! You have a bunch of lovely OCs <33

Aaaaah I appreciate that! You do too!!! <3 ;w;

Thank you so much for the favs on Shizuko and Yuuto! <3

No problem! They're adorable <33 //and I just realized all of your other characters are super cute too, I'll be faving them as well!

Thanks you so much for the art of luciole is soooo cute ! *^*

No problem! Happy you like it :D

Thank you so much for drawing Kazeko, it’s adorable!!

No problem! Kazeko has an adorable design <33

Thank you so much for the art of Hikaru! Its so cute ! >w<

I'm so happy you like it! ^^ Hikaru is super cute!

Thank you very much for the cute art of Hirotaka!

I'm glad you like it! ; v ;