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General Warnings

  • I am an adult lvl 24. Meaning I include adult topics.
  • Certain NSFW-extreme violence/sensative topics
  • Images/text will be marked NSFW

  • Welcome! Before continuing, please respect the hard work put into the creation of these characters. Please don't steal, trace, or claim the characters or designs as your own.
  • All art belongs to their respective owners and will be credited.
  • None of my characters are for sale unless listed under my for sale/trade folder.
  • Thank you for accepting these terms. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
Other Info

  • Feel free to leave a heart or comment if you like a character!
  • Feel free to draw my characters but please tag me so I can see it!
  • Any characters that I don't want known will be hidden from the public, so please don't ask. This usually means they are in development and will be shown eventually.

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