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really cool species thingy!

Posted 22 days, 12 minutes ago by BaiyauFoxxen

Hey ya'll, if you get the chance, check this out!!

I admin the species and frequent the discord, so you can find me there if you wanna chit chat!

Character OTA Purge~!

Posted 6 months, 5 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

ThatOneWow -kazan-

All these characters are now OTA~

Paypal > Points > Art/Characters/Customs/YCH slots > Other

So, my friend's dad was recently hospitalized and I offered to help pay the bill; See the forum post here:

And all the characters can be found here: (However, all my characters are available for offer except for a few!)

Cleaning clean clean

Posted 6 months, 7 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

Read down belooowwww

2 Votes All alerts
0 Votes Just Feral
0 Votes Just anthros
0 Votes Just humands
1 Votes Feral and anthro
0 Votes Feral and human
0 Votes Anthro and human
0 Votes Humans and ferals

sooo im gonna do a TH spring-cleaning but summer and delete a lotta stuff, as well as put characters I havent thought about in y e a r s up for trade, sooo if u wanna get alerts about said characters, vote in the poll or comment below and ill send u a notice or @ u in a bulletin for characters with links dnjkndskjcnskj

not entirely dead

Posted 6 months, 7 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

lmfaoooo i really need to come on site more often but uhhhh

whats up what drama did i miss

Cool MYp sjfksdnds

Posted 7 months, 17 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

Entertaining offers on characters!

Posted 10 months, 12 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

Im entertaining offers on a whole lotta characters; theyre all at least some-what tentative, however!

[See the deviantart post here: ]

Points > Customs/Closed Species > Characters > Art/YCH Slots > Other… [2 Pieces] [2 pieces] [2 full pieces, 1 colored sketch]… [Gaia model]… [Gaiamodel] [1 Piece of art] [3 pieces of art] [3 pieces of art] [1 full piece, 1 sketch] [1 Piece of art] [2 pieces of art]… [12 pieces of art] [5 pieces of art] //Extremely tentative//… [6 Pieces of art] //Extremely tenative//

If you have an offer for one of them, leave it below! Ill respond if interested! ^^
Please don't low-ball!

Suikoden 2

Posted 11 months, 4 hours ago by BaiyauFoxxen

anyone else play it?

i found it and i thought it was a fever dream for a while

2019 Art Raffle!

Posted 11 months, 7 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

Holding a raffle over on my DA! The top prize gets all three of a custom, fullbody, and a headshot from me!

commission prices reduced

Posted 11 months, 8 days ago by BaiyauFoxxen

i need to renew core soon mdsjkvncddnsjkc

Only taking DA points, might take artwork or characters for payment. I do not have a paypal yet, so I wont be taking USD! 

Fullbody [Humanoids]: 200 Points
Fullbody [Ferals]: 150 Points
Halfbodies: 150 Points
Head/bust shots: 50 Points
Ref sheets: 300-400+ Points
Customs: 450-500+ Points

**If you order a custom or Ref sheet and link me back to your TH and this bulletin in your order comment, I will give you 50% off your final price of the ref sheet and/or custom! Two-time use only!
**If you want me to draw an ECHO, Pawtail, or Venomaw, you automatically get 50% off any order w/ the character in it

Discounts do not stack. 

Please go to my DA journal for more info and details!