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DNI list

I do not read PMs unrelated to trades. If your PM does not have a title that states it's about a trade, it will be deleted. I really don't have an interest in befriending you or roleplaying with you. I don't care, sorry.

Subscribing = sub removed once I notice :u

Exclus and terminally online idiots block me to save me the effort, cheers 

Auth-only due to NFT shit 

Don't buylist/wishlist my characters, weirdos

Don't message me about pinglists, I dont do them, and you will be blocked.

If you haven't seen it in the trade listings/discord trade channel, on a thread bumped in the past 24 hours, or had it directly offered to you, don't offer on it.

The only furry characters I'm interested are Grems and Chimereons. I don't want to look at any other furry - anthro or feral - if it isn't one of these! Please stop offering me on base scene dogs for characters worth several hundred dollars yall.

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