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Regarding Character Sales- 


All sales are FINAL refunds will NOT be given.

Beebo's 2019 TOS

As the artist, I reserve all rights to refuse service to anyone for any reason.
I’m a full-time college student and I have a personal life outside of the computer, please don’t rush me!
If you post my artwork on another website please provide a link to my Deviantart

Art Trades
I will only do art trades with friends/ people of similar skill level
You may sell, trade or give away the piece ONLY if its with the character.
All of my premade characters come with the option of resale/trade to any user. If you buy a character from me, you may sell/trade it at a later date without contacting me first. Unless stated otherwise at the time of purchase.
Premade poses cannot be sold with a character UNLESS it is a YCH.

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