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Just wanted to say that I saw your pixel work on a Wildren and dayum, nice job. I didn't know you could pixelate so well. <3

oh! thank you!!! ;v;/ yeah, pixeling is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for me, it's very time consuming fdhgdjf. it's my secret power 🕵️‍♂️haha

BB!! I hope you don't mind me dropping a comment right here to gush about my surprise hockey boi!!!       OMFG he is so freaking cute I could explode!! HIS FACE and those big puppy dog eyes!!  *SQUEALS* I want to hug that poor baby and take him away from all this, (I bet he just saw someone get beat up, awww XD) his expression & pose are absolutely perfect for him and I LOVE this so much!! You just keep amazing me with how well you capture their personalities and make them look JUST RIGHT, all while making them into the absolute CUTEST little cheebs!!  I LOVE HIM, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!      

of COURSE I DONT MIND!!!! i was hoping to get jaime done to 'match' with buster but time is slipping through my fingers! ;_; and then i was hoping to get them to match so i can send them off at the same time in an email... boy did that NOT work out XD!
but i'm still so happy you like how the cheeb came out!!! he was really fun to draw and of course i had to make him as WIBBLE 😭💘😥✨ as possible with that baby face and nervous disposition! someone come save this boy from being in the Ice Stick Arena of Doom hahahahahahahahaha. 

ILY!!!!!!!! and i hope you're having a good day!!! < 33333

Just popping in to say you've got some FANTASTIC OCs and I love the little doodles and comics you do for them, your art is adorable!

fmgldfmKMFsfjk!!!! THANK YOU!! ;_;/ ♥ ♥ ♥ wow, this made my day!!! (and i'm genuinely pleased to know you looked through some of them and their art aaaaaa) 🥰😍🙏 i went to your page and WOW so many gorgeous characters!!! mamma mia

hsdfsidgfsf SHUCKS THANK YOU!!! If you ever open up commissions & would be willing to do lil doodle comics or nsfw sketches you should uhhhhhhhhhhhh hmu cus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

oh!! 😳💦👌 thank you again!!!!!! i don't think i'll ever do comms re: comics or NSFW, but i do appreciate such a kind thought!!!! (from time to time i DO open chibi and fullbody comms, tho!)
and dammit i'm so bad at this website, i thought i had all my nsfw stuff privated sdjkgnfgjknfoingor I'LL FIGURE THIS OUT SOMEDAY..,,.,... 😳😳😳😳💦 BUT ANYHOO i have to slam that subscribe back!!! yes please to all the pretties in my notifs 😎

FHSDIFHASFD THE FORBIDDEN PR0N! I HAVE SEEN IT! I will cherish the unintentional views for all my life jkshdgsdf AYYY MUTUALS IN THE CLUB 😎😎😎😎

OK for some reason TH keeps saying I cannot post a comment on it or fav it (IDK why it's so hard to leave comments on this site *CRY*  ) but I just wanted to tell u here that I am loving the latest drawing u put up with Ursen & Talon and had always hoped to see you draw those two together ever since I read their extra tabs!!     

oh!!!!!!!!!     i'm upset TH won't just let you comment or fav it (a lot of people seem to be having communications issues in particular as of late, from what I hear)... but i gotta say i feel so BLESSED to know you'd come leave a comment just to point out that you approve!!!     
and.... you and me were in the same boat regarding wanting to see those two together, let's just put it that way!     it makes me soooo happy to get comments from you!!!!! WHEEZES     

Thanks for faving my OC I didn't expect it.

np!! ☺

Thanks for faving my kid, I appreciate it!

np! ^^

Thanks for the favorite 

Np! Us fave exchange thread folk gotta stick together  ^v^

Thanks for the fav!! <3

yw! ^0^

yess ofc

I have a burning question that needs to be asked, and therefore I shall ask it:

What is your avatar saying? 

I have always wondered this... it's a mystery that has been gnawing away at me for some time, and I SIMPLY MUST KNOW! 

also, sorry to break the 150 comments number... it is now 151... 

I'll go crawl under a rock now.

let's make it 152!

he's not saying anything special, unfortunately!
the sprites for this game were meant to IMITATE lip-syncing to whatever he had said in the game, therefore its just a bunch of mouth expressions molded to fit any sentence.
even if he were saying something in particular, it could be parsed any old way due to the the lack of refined lip syncing mechanics in those times lol

in addition, there aren't many times in the game he says a phrase and then gives the thumbs up so 'fluidly'... so i like to think whoever made this gif kind of patched it together to look fun. XD (i really like leisure suit larry, whoops)

I JUST SCREECHED INHUMANLY...... WTH SKEL........ i was like YAY YOU'RE BACK and then i get a comment from you AND THEN A GIFT ART??!?!?!?! OF MY BIRDBOO???? you've done made me loose my megamind. THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY!!! esp. cause i've been feeling all maudlin seeing all the arts i've got from you, commissions, designs, etc.... TToTT ..... and now i got one with Esp!! dude.... and you can't be sayin stuff like my things inspire you, DON'T MAKE ME CRY ON THIS DAY (jk i'm all weepy-eyed and lovinG IT) aaaaaaaaa... seriously, i appreciate you so much and i hope you know that no one can compare to you, you're awfully kind and entirely amazing inside and out. THANK YOU for being here and gracing us all with your presence, honestly! YOU are goals to me ;-; ♥ ♥ ♥ i hope you're having a wonderful holiday and that you keep on rockin and rollin into the new year dude! YOU DESERVE IT!!! mwah     

I can't comment on Merrick's profile so I just wanted to say I ADORE that design so much omg 

yeahhhhh i don't like getting comments on character pages (the clutter!!! arghhh) but this is fine for sure BECAUSE OMG!!!       the dedication to get here and then comment for him. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART ♥
having your approval gives me strength to not rework his design over and over and over and over @ _ @ !!!!!! ♥ thank you Cai!

YOU'RE SUPER WELCOME honestly I always love seeing characters from you because your taste is A++ and I always find myself enjoying both your characters and your art < 3 ; v ; 

WHEEZES DON'T ALWAYS BE SO DANG NICE     and boy if you think my taste is A++ then i need you to know you are GOALS (IN ART AND DESIGNS TBH....) so that makes your taste S++++   bless up

AAAA YOU'RE TOO GOOD TO ME!!!! I'm so flattered omg ;__; < 33

Hey there love your characters.

Thanks for giving castle some love too 

hello hello!!! thank you SO much! ;v; also, Castle is REALLY well done, that suit is very cool   and so cute! it was no problem giving him love ^u^!

Aw thanks so much! Kemocube does such beautiful work! Hes one of my favorite OCs so it means a lot ♡

hi!!! i just wanted to comment and say that all the characters you have are wonderful!! they're all so pretty and they make my heart melt aaah <33

hey there beed friend HOPE YOUVE BEEN WELL

i think i wanna take you up on your commish offer !

but i feel really bad and i kind of want to pay you full price first? and maybe take you up on a discount some other time? if that's cool?!


heyyy!! i'm glad to hear from you-- i'm doin' good, and I hope you're doing well also! ♥

yes, we can do that! BUT you don't have to feel guilty (honestly, it's already a pleasure talking and working with you hehe). if you would like to come back another time 'round and get the discount, then of course I won't stop ya! you're very kind and considerate, it really means a lot to me ;v; !!!

i'll be open as long as it says so on the comm thread (so right now, yes)! but atm my 'plate' is full so i feel a bit guilty accepting offers and not completing them in my average allotted time. THAT BEING SAID........   lol if you're cool with PMing me the deets for the comm you had in mind, i can throw you on my to-do list and PM you (and send invoice 'n all that) when i have proper time to draw? how does that sound? ^u^

glad to hear you're doing well friend o/ brings a smile to my face !

I KNOW I SHOULDNT BUTT BUT aaaa I JUST feel like you've been so sweet to mee ahaha so i'd like to at least one time pay you your full price !!! (youre worth it!) i'll probably take you up on that discount still sometime in the future too (where does this sound familar haha) o/ thank you !!!   

ooo okay thats what i was just worried about ;;; i didnt want to overload you you or anything

that sounds like a plan ! i'll definitely pm you and we can work out things there o/

i'll shoot you that msg tmr tho dslkgjlkJG AS I NEED TO BED


have a GOOD NIGHT/DAY !!!

hey, thank you for your name suggestions on the forum! that helped me finally name my character, so it's super appreciated.

of course!! i'm so glad it helped! that's the best, bless! \o/

WAOW! Tysm for the favourite on Blackjack, man! I really... appreciate!

Np np! Gotta help out the fave exchange buds!! :+D

/o\ thank you again for another favorite i'm honored !!!

(also unrelated but i saw your flash/discounted commish thread and REFRSHED READY2REPLY AND SCREAMED BC IT WAS ALL FILLED



you are absolutely welcome!  

and omg! if you ever want to commission me i'd be happy to take $5.00 off any order over $10. just remind me of this comment whenever you want to do that! ♥ i had read this comment just before bed last night and i was like "oh no!!" bc you wanted to reply and didn't get the chance-- conversely it made me so happy to know you like my art! aaaa i can't thank you enough for the kind words!!  

o m g omg ;_____; slkdgajlsdjgladg this is too sweet of you im gonna HHKFJKFLMDFHH   

aaa omg no i cANT THANK YOU enoguh!?!? i'll be sure to hit you up when i get paid again bc YOUR ART IS TOO LOVELY !! 

YOU ARE WELCOME KIND FRIEND you deserve those kind words !!!      AND THANKS AGAIN !

Hey, thanks for the fave! I think that's the first random one I've had <3

np np, saw the character in a thread haha. cuuute design!


Ofc!! ♡

Thanks for the favorite! ^^

np, i wanted to give back on the faving thread! 

also i got SUPER excited seeing the intro shot for The Roaring Twenties (1939) on his moodboard lol. I'm actually not sure if you've seen the movie, but it is awfully good and it has a soft spot in my heart. hahaha


whaaaaaaat!!!! that's what I think of YOUR art!!! mamma mia thank u so much       

Hi~ thanks for favoriting~

hello! you're welcome! ♥u♥

yes of course!! i love that colorscheme and elegant motif! can't wait to see their personality come throughhhhh ♥

hmm.... i updated my character just a while ago and tested out the new function for it. was that what you saw? ^^

oh lmao what i didn’t expect that sub back ;_; ty...i love your content a Lot

what! why would you even think that!!! lol your characters are perfect ♥ also THANK.........................

well, not only are your characters perfect but you have a stunning art style that has such an expansive range w/ regard to its subjects and an invariably lovely use of color! >:0 tyvm tho aaa

oh gosh are you trying to kill me? you're trying to kill me. LOL i can't thank you enough! :''''''( ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
one of these days we will have to chat about our bbs because i kno you're hella good for it

ahh im sorry this sorta got buried in my notifs! of course >:) always down for some chattin

Thank you so much for the fav ♥

yes of course! what a lovely design ☺

seeing leisure suit larry as your propic made me beyond happy for some reason thank u 

he is a good lad (lolno) that's all thanks to him! 

omg of course! love the design and story!!!! what a charming, handsome scoundrel "Dev" is.... (eyebrow wiggle)

Thank you for the fave!

of course!!! Plymouth's design is GORGEOUS!

Aaaa thank you so much! <3

Thanks for the fav! :^D

of course!! ☺

BUT OF COURSE you handsome lad!!!     

Thanks for the fav !! ♡ Have a nice day !!

whew buddy i think you're a bit late on that one LOL but you're welcome!! you have a great day too :+D


Thank you kindly for the favorite. ♡

omg you're welcome! i love Fuin-Lei's design and I love how he's gorgeous yet still a klutz! LOL it's so cute ♥

I'm glad to hear that you like him ; u ; ♡

I forgot to say this yesterday while actually visiting the music thread but the song you had linked there (Pettin' in the Park) is 👌👌👌 and I just wanted to let you know have a good taste 

aaaaaaaa i'm so happy you liked it!!! AND THANK U.... ;w;/ ♥ 

dick powell's voice can be utterly grating depending on the song but I feel Pettin' was a perfect fit for his foolishness LOLOLO

It has the exact old movies song aesthetic I love and adore ; o ; Especially I love Finnish black and white movie songs hehe

Yeah I think this kind of song really suits his voice!! 

batphomet yoooo i wanted to reply to your comment but you're on quiet mode lolol. i just need you to know that this comment made my day. THANK YOU!!!!   


Ahhh I really love your icon.  Looks kinda like Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra! :D

ahaha thanks so much buddy! i love it too, tbh!
the comparison made me cackle-- i have a feeling Larry Laffer will be tickled pink to know he strikes up the image of either of those fine fellas!  

Ahhhh, that is why he looks so familiar.  I have seen that game a few times.  Never played it but have seen it.  Man the series has gone on for a long time too. :D

Yes!! It's a really great series, before the modern iterations came out lol-- if you ever find a copy in your hands, don't hesitate to give one of 'em a try. ☺ Also, nice to meet you, glad to have you here!! hee hee

Man I haven't seen a copy anywhere other than some various playthroughs.  I suppose I could try and find it on Amazon or Gamestop's website.  I personally never got the chance to play it myself so I will see if I can get my hands on one of the more original iterations of the game.

Ah, thanks I have been here for quite some time though I did take a long hiatus and have sorta stepped back from the adopt community as a whole.  There are some species I enjoy and I have a few OC's too. :D

Oh, it's good to have you back in the ring! I hope to see more OCs from you soon. :+D

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Thanks for the favorite <3

np np!

Thank you so much for the favorite!

you're welcome! can't resist a tasty succubus! AND she has glasses! LOVE HER   

Mmm, yes. Succubi with glasses = 10/10. 

Oh my god the pic with Nonentin and Ziggy ;; ♥ Gotta draw these nerds too sometime 

i'm glad you liked it! ;w; ♥ Ziggy is a blast to draw.... and i want to wear all of his clothes tbh. if Noe wont, I WILL. lololol

Thank you kindly for the favorite ♡

you're absolutely welcome! it was my pleasure   

question: what would happen if you licked a plasmid. what would they taste like.

i spend my time wondering about things like this its concerning

i really like these kinds of questions! IMPORTANT STUFF.
but hmm. i don't think it'd taste too great. sort of like a taste of plastic....

like the page says though, if they're fine with your touch, licking/kissing/etc would feel something like drinking a hot liquid, lol. the big question is: would you get plasma goo in your mouth after doing anything like that...?   and the answer is, if you're not careful, you really will get plasma residue on you! mamma mia

yo what if it varied from plasmid to plasmid... 

smooch a plasmid and it tastes like metal? smooch another plasmid and it feels like your mouth is on fire bc theyre Spicy(tm)

i can see that being a thing that they have to patent, like 'mouth spray' or 'body spray' for Plasmids-- so that way if you're a conscientious Plasmid, you buy a spray that suits your tastes so you don't come off as nasty to others. lolol

LMAO i can see that too... brb ran out of body spray no coming within 5 metres of me for the next hour

tbh i think lumen would taste (and probably smell like) like burned metal

and i doubt they'd care either??? 

LOL i love that Lumen would just be like SO WHATTTT. love that scamp!!!

Thank you for the fave on Haruki;; ^v^ Much appreciated!

it was my pleasure! gotta love a handsome consigliere 8)

Why wasn't I subbed to you before I s2g your OCs are my jam!!!

AAAAAA thank you..... oh my word, my ol heart about gave out seeing u sub AND seeing this comment ;w;/ ♥ ♥ ♥!!! and tbqh, i have no clue why i'm not subbed to you either. what is this sorcery. I WON'T TELL ANYONE IF U DON'T-- oh wait too late lolololooooooo


Thanks for faving my steampunk kid, it's appreciated! :>

no problemo!

Thank you for the fave on Jesse!

lololol no problemo, any time i see a planewalker of yours i fall in love with them ^o^/♥

Thank you for the fave on Kuroku!

of course! now that i have a planewalker i'm like, super excited to see all the other planewalkers. and i love that he's so R00D (and his markings are beautiful)!! ♥

Thank you, I love his markings!! I'm so weak for darker palettes that have bright accents. And same, your planewalker is really cool as well!

Thank you for the favorite! :D

omg you're welcome! Maxy is so damn precious, s2g ;w;/ ♥

Awwww, thank you so much!! :D

Hi, thanks for the fav :D!

howdy! it was my pleasure, Andrea is beautiful! ;o; ♥

I've seen you around forums and I just wanna say that you have some well-developed and well-designed ocs! ;u;/

aaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you so much dear Rabu! just... wow! what a compliment! i'm over here with a huge smile on my face, i gotta say thanks again for that ;w; ♥ i hope you have a wonderful day today! \o/

AAAAAAAA You're welcome!!! I hope that you have a great day too!

//also if you want to talk to me and headcanon about ocs and stuff, feel free to talk to me ahhhh ;v; I would love to hear about your ocs more!//


LOL pleathe! 😂💖

you are so sweet ;;w;;

"Oh man! Thanks for faving me! Cripes, that was a while ago!" Graham exclaimed rapidly as he darted forward, intent on giving a hug.


Graham beamed, then wrapped his arms tight around Beed with rib-bruising strength. "Big hugs, then!"


deep in everyone's heart.... i AM bees. (wistful lone tear)

literally just a ton of bees in the shape of a human

i mean lbr.... you'll never really know for sure bc we're all just communicating on the internet. you better not take ur chances and assume for the best that i am bees. 🐝

well idk about u but im just a bundle of snakes flailing around on a keyboard

my pleasure! :+D

Ayo, thanks for faving my grumpy chemistry teacher :'>

omg i couldn't resist, they look like they're the long lost, but way cooler twin of my bb Panan (! XD so it was my pleasure!

Lolol omg! What a lovely coincidence xD Well this makes it even better! Haha

i knooooow! i was so tickled pink by it, and now i just want to draw them together LOL ♥ and thank you faving him! ;w; the greenhaired ones gotta stick together!!! hee hee

Omggg, well, if you do decide then I can wait to see that :''''D Haha yes, green-haired ones gotta look out for one another ~ v~;;)

Seraphir drops into a deep bow, his tail flicking back and forth. "Thank you kindly for adding me to your favourites."

It was my pleasure, Seraphir! You're GORGEOUSSSSS!! ( * ´ °`)✧˖°

Thank you for the fav!!

no problem! kintarou is so freaking cute!! ;w; ♥

Ahh I'm glad you think so!

Thank you so much for the favourite <3

my pleasure!

I just gotta thank you for all these favs you've been giving my bbys!! We all appreciate it! ♥♥

If I could fave them five times over, I WOULD. (heavy breathing) XD ♥

"Ooo someone such as yourself is interested in my wares so, anything catch your eye?"

YOU. YOU CATCH MY EYE, YOROZU. (cough) imeanwhat

bwahaha" you amuse me, for you I'll say a 20 percent discount this time, just for you!" //wink//

"I'm not sure what interest you find in me, but thank you for your time anyway. if you'd like to talk more i wouldn't mind."

Kuro, you are just the coolest dude around with all your mysticism in its many forms!! ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ will you dance for me?! MWAHAHAHA

he blushes slightly at the compliment "ah thank you i-- im not quite sure how to respond to that..... do people usually ask others to dance?"

you're welcome! love that beautiful Tiefling (and her skull trophy lolol) ♥

Wow, thank you for favoriting Soren! That was kind of you! :>

omg it was my pleasure! he's such a CUTIE! :+D

"Thank you for your patronage, the sparring demonstration doesn't begin for another hour, but I would be happy to answer any questions you have before then."

I will be a supporter of your physical and mental prowess until the end, Girish!! I have a feeling your future will be bright!

((i love that you wrote this out, omg.... it just tickled me pink. PINK i say!!!))

"I..." Girish cleared his throat, feeling hot flush creep over him, "Thank you, I won't let you down."

((aww hes so happy, i love doing these and its just more fun to me than the repetitive thaks for the fav.. besides others seem to like getting them >///< im glad it made you happy!))