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Gots myself a DA >w<

Posted 2 months, 11 days ago by BlazingPhoenix01

Come watch me perhaps :D?

I've got some p cool stuff goin on there uwu 


Posted 4 months, 17 days ago by BlazingPhoenix01

Got some good lineless vibes goin and some critique would be great :> Other than trying to expand n improve my style, I'm having tons of fun drawing animatronics :3 Enjoy these good bois


Hey hey, I know this isn't too big of a deal to most people but it means a lot to me that I've been able to get up to 20 subs! Thanks a ton!

With that little cheezy bit out of the way, I'd like to announce that I will be giving out free doodles to anyone who is subbed to me ;b Just comment on this bulletin and I'll go through your characters and draw a couple of them. 


also there will be a raffle character being submitted soon. 

all you need to do to enter is favorite it

the end date for the raffle will be feb 1st

Trade account!

Posted 9 months, 7 days ago by BlazingPhoenix01

Alright! So first off, I now have a trade account! It is TheBoredPhoenix

All of my trade characters are being moved there. That will also be my commission account once I update my commissions system. 

I'm working on getting commissions started up again but that may take a while ;;

on a side note, im working on learning HTML so i'll see about getting some of those put onto that account too!

So, I recently uploaded some info on Jakians, one of my first species (and a closed one) and I was wondering if I could get some critique on them.


On the same note, I would like to test my species requirements/rules by giving out a free Custom Jakian. I will allow any traits and mutations except for the Blue Albino mutation. You cannot trade or sell the design I make for you unless you are sending it back to me. 

The free custom is not FCFS

Please use this form to order

  • Gender: 
  • Basic colors:
  • Tail type: 
  • Ear type: 
  • Hair type: 
  • Eye type: 
  • Mutations: 
  • Other:

Alright so first off, point commissions will be closed until further notice due to my friend going on hiatus. I will be open to trades like usual. 

Also, all of my images that are done on a base will now have their artists set to "Base". i bought two P2U bases and those will be marked with "P2U Base" as their artist. I will be updating my userpage to include a link to these bases in a while.

Most of my characters will also be gradually getting new tabs so that their refs and noncanon images will be separate. I may mess up though and have to reupload some images so be ready for that. 

haha MEEEEeee!

 I'm doing DA point commissions! You can go -here- for the forum or you can comment here to request somethin! 

100 points for a bust! Send the points to CyberLesbian!



Adopt clearout

Posted 10 months, 16 days ago by  Anon BlazingPhoenix01

Everyone in my Free Folder is FCFS. comment on the one you want and i'll transfer it to you. ive went ahead and removed the tags from each one too so you dont get people asking if its still free.

Max 2 per person. 

Everyone in that folder will be deleted once i start making more adopts so get them while you can.


Posted 10 months, 18 days ago by  Anon BlazingPhoenix01

Which of my characters is your favorite?

0 Votes Shard
1 Votes Shantler
1 Votes Deaku
0 Votes Hue
0 Votes Solephiles
1 Votes Maleun
0 Votes Fear Amalgam
1 Votes Hisada
0 Votes Other (comment)

(i accidently posted before i was done rip)

alrighty so im done with the vent art for now. i know, it wasnt very much but ooof those pieces took me a while.

anyways, i was kinda stuck on which characters to draw and so, i made a poll. for each response to the poll, i will draw a pic of the selected character. Of course, i didnt add an option for every single one of my characters so you can select "other" and post which one is your fav.

id prefer not to draw one of the ones that is unsorted or in the UFT/redesign folders.

A heads up

Posted 10 months, 19 days ago by BlazingPhoenix01

I've been rather moody lately so there may be more vent art than usual. Just thought I'd give a little heads up so you can turn off image notifications if you don't want to see that. I'll post another bulletin once I'm done.