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Please read this before looking through my profile!

Some of my characters have content that my be triggering to some people. Characters with such themes will have proper warnings. Please know that I do not condone anything bad that some of my OCs do!

Please Do Not
  • Steal/Trace/Copy my characters and/or art.
  • Offer on characters within the Sona folder, Primary folder, and Secondary Folder. Characters within the Tertiary folder are open to offers, but I am much more likely to decline. Your best bet would be to stick to characters within the Sales folder.
  • Use my characters for anything unless I give you permission.
  • Draw NSFW of my characters without my permission. Please ask me first!
  • Ignore warnings and then complain to me. I put warnings on some of my characters for a reason, and if you choose to ignore those warnings and then get upset by the content within the profile, it's not my fault.
Content Warnings
  • Gore
  • Violence
  • Abuse
  • Foul Language
  • Mental Illnesses
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • NSFW

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